Instagram Starts Online Shopping, why should you buy from…

Instagram Starts Online Shopping

Firstly, listening to the name of the Instagram, photos, and photographs containing photo sharing and filter are already used … but soon you will remember Instagram for shopping. As Instagram starts online shopping for its users.

Are you shocked? Definitely, you are thinking… what is the connection between Instagram and E-commerce. Yes, it is going to be true. Very soon, Instagram going to take a step into the online market.

Instagram will help its users to buy products from top brands through its platform. The company has already launched a pirated project in America. Through which you can choose your favorite products by entering into Instagram’s beta feature.

There is hardly a single person who doesn’t know about Instagram. If you want to learn more about lifestyles, brands and latest fashion then nothing is better than the Instagram on the Internet. That’s is the reason Instagram is very much popular among the young generations.

Instagram starts online shopping at that time when the Internet’s biggest company Google is also moving towards E-commerce market.

Tell you that Instagram is also a Facebook company. Facebook has announced through a blog post that we are giving online service to buy products on Instagram. If you like any products on Instagram then you can also buy it as well. You don’t need to go on other E-commerce platforms to buy it from there.

Amazon is the leading brand in online business now but it could be more dangerous for Amazon after entering of Instagram into the E-commerce market. Because Instagram has around 100 crore users globally. And the best thing is that most of the users are young generations who have more interest in online shopping.

Experts said that the sales will increase in the starting for all the brands but in the future, it could be the biggest problem to the online retail market or companies.

According to an analysis report, India’s 80% online market is covered by 3 major E-commerce companies… Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra. Therefore, It would be exciting to see whether these companies will save their future or Instagram will dominate them.

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