Which One is Better Amazon or Flipkart?

Amazon vs Flipkart

In this 21st century, now everything has become digital, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also giving a lot of emphasis on making Digital India.

Although it is also necessary, now everyone works here 24×7, 9 to 5 office, now where do you get time to go for a walk, in this if someone’s marriage comes, or if you want to go to a party, then people do online shopping. I like it. And for this, people of India use Amazon and Flipkart for e-commerce site i.e. online shopping.

If we talk about Amazon, it started in India in February 2012, Jeff Bezos who is its CEO, although he started it with a bookstore. But now Amazon is at the forefront of e-commerce sites in India in terms of sales. There is fierce competition between both Flipkart and Amazon.

Comparison Between Amazon Vs Flipkart

If we compare Amazon and Flipkart, then Amazon has been the number 1 player in the e-commerce sector because of high sales, that’s why, it is also called ‘Amazon of India’.

And if we talk about Flipkart, it started in 2007 even before Amazon. Although flipkart is lagging behind in the race. Because flipkart sales saw a drop of around 60 percent in the number of orders and sales also dropped by 30-40 percent. Although the reason for this is also justified. Like its Customer Policy not being clear, Late Delivery in Remote Area and Poor Customer Support.

In the policy of Flipkart, lean towards the seller, it seems a bit excessive, they are not interested in solving the customer’s problem, they do not publish their Genuine Review, nor do they have any Upper Level Grievance, which can solve the complaints of the customers properly.

If we talk about Flikart’s Logistic Partner, then most of the goods for delivery and return are picked up by Ekart, which gives very useless and poor service, their delivery boy can deliver or return the same on time. Sometimes they blame the customer by writing wrong comments in their feedback, Flipkart needs to pay strict attention to this.

On the other hand, if we talk about Amazon, then its customer support is tremendous, whether it is a matter of refund, return or any other problem, its support never disappoints you, its delivery is also very fast, on Amazon you can talk to Direct Seller and tell your problem. Yes, Flipkart does not have any such facility. Its Logistic Partner, Amazon Delivery Services’ service is very quick and tremendous. However, here are some factors we should check before giving the final opinion:

Amazon vs Flipkart

1. Products and Prices in Amazon and Flipkart

If you are looking for the best products at the best prices, both Amazon and Flipkart have a variety to choose from. Both the online stores offer the best and largest collection of products across categories and the availability and deals are unique to each store, but Amazon is ahead in terms of variety and products availability.

2. Easy to Use Interface

One of the key features of Amazon and Flipkart is the ease of shopping. The website or app is easy to use and provides instant access to thousands of products of one’s choice. Navigation and payment gateway are also very user friendly and make online shopping easy. But Amazon’s interface is a bit Bulky.

3. Return and Refund Policy

Both are good in this. One of the biggest advantages of Amazon and Flipkart is the Return Policy. Both these websites are very fast and do not charge any shipping charges for returns. Return Policy is also very fast. And there is no doubt that Flipkart’s Return and Refund Policy is not very clear, you may have to suffer a little depending on the products. Amazon’s policy is absolutely correct and clear which supports the customers a lot.

4. EMI Options

Apart from Best Products and Best Deals, both the sites also have some EMI options for their customers. Amazon has some great offers like Extra 10 percent cashback with EMI options of 3, 6 and 9 months and 10 percent instant discount on purchases made using EMI options. Similarly, Flipkart also offers some attractive offers like 3 months and 6 months EMI option and 10 percent discount on using the card.

While Flipkart offers no cost EMI for select products, Amazon offers EMI options for all the products on sale. Amazon offers 60 days No Cost EMI for all the products that are on sale with different interest rates. While Flipkart offers a similar option with select products.

5. Grocery Purchase Options

Both Flipkart and Amazon are providing the option to buy Household Grocery, Amazon has started it long ago, Flipkart has started it recently but its reach is limited, its delivery is currently available only in big cities, while Amazon has their Delivery is done easily even in small places.

6. Customer Support of Amazon Vs Flipkart

Although we know that we the common citizens of India always try to get the right stuff at the lowest price. And Amazon is the best place to buy the products available at the lowest price. And the technical support provided by them is also one of the best. The company provides 24*7 Live Customer Support with Customer Support. On the other hand, Flipkart has an FAQ section of FAQs that answers frequently asked questions of buyers.

Flipkart also has 24 * 7 Customer Support, but as I said above, this Customer Support is not willing to satisfy the customers, because there is probably no one to analyze their quality, maybe their policy is like this and Flipkart has appointed Customer Care Executive He has not been given that much authority that he can help the customers by taking a decision on his own.

On the other hand, Amazon’s Customer Support has a different style, they have the ability and transparency to take quick decisions, whether it is a matter of Return, Refund or any other issue, they have full desire to satisfy the customers, this is the company’s Customer Dedication. it shows.

7. Affiliate Program of Amazon Vs Flipkart

If we talk about Flipkart, then its Affiliate Program is closed now, commission cannot be earned by selling its products, while talking about Amazon, people are working as a lot of money commission by advertising the product through its Affiliate Program. This is the reason that Amazon’s Products Sale is much higher than Flipkart.

8. Conclusion & Suggestions

Now after knowing so many points, you must have come to know many things. There is no doubt that there are some similarities, but there are also some fundamental differences. “Amazon is a brand, Flipkart is a company.”

Amazon and Flipkart have vast collections of products. Also, they have a vast range of offers and discounts for the customers. Both the websites offer a variety of products in different categories.

Both Flipkart and Amazon lead India’s Top E-Commerce. You can do online shopping on them according to your choice, if you want a better Range of Products, Vast Category, better After Sale Service and Best Customer Support then of course you should prefer Amazon.

On the other hand, if you get a good discount and a better deal, then you can choose Flipkart, but keep in mind that before buying, read the Return and Refund policy given by the seller carefully.

In the end, there is one thing that Amazon takes great care of its customers, they do not compromise on the quality of their products, and on receiving complaints, their customer service takes immediate action and satisfies the customers, while Flipkart’s response is the same. Not good, they don’t have complete freedom in the hands of customer service, they completely depend on their Backend team and Flipkart’s tilt is more towards their Seller. Not only this, the amount of gift rewards in amazon is more than that of flipkart. Now you can decide for yourself. Which shopping side is better?

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