Power cuts in Mumbai Disturb People Lives

major power cuts in Mumbai

The power cuts in Mumbai have affected the financial capital of India and millions of people in many ways.

Power cuts are common in India but not common in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai.
This happened because there was no storage of supplies, officials said, adding that supplies would be restored soon.

Residents of Mumbai are surprised that they have not had such power cuts in the past. They were not ready to resolve the widespread outrage. Officials asked hospitals to ensure adequate fuel back to the generator in case of more disruptions. Because most hospitals run on generators.

Mumbai is the busiest city in the world and is reopening, facing maximum coronavirus cases. In 2012 there is a failure in the main grid and disturb power supply all over the world.

In big cities, there is always great management for everything like power cuts, etc.
Because one who lives there is not ready to face power cuts for very long.

Power is also required to run trains and metros. If there is not much power then after some time it will definitely get upset. In every area there is a need for electricity is difficult to run other offices. People have never encountered such issues before the restoration of electricity takes time.

A prolonged period of power outages may disturb the residents there, they are not used to it. Mumbai is such a big city. This is not a good approach if they are not already planned for it, indicating system failure.

The failure of the grid also affected the airports and the stock exchange which is still functioning. But it is also a concern for hospitals that are treating corona patients who are on ventilators.

Big cities need more management and they should aware and ready for any emergencies in the future.

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