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Climate Crisis Hits Dinner Tables: Unraveling the Factors Behind Soaring Tomato Prices

Tomato Prices surged

In some cities, tomatoes are sold at Rs 80-100 per kg, burning a hole in people’s pockets. In Delhi, tomato prices were between Rs 90-100 a kg on Wednesday.

The rates have gone up in the last 10-15 days due to rains, says a tomato seller in Delhi. Wholesale tomatoes cost Rs 60-80 kg, retail tomatoes cost Rs 90-100.

Heatwaves in tomato-growing areas and heavy rainfall are to blame for the dip in supply.

The skyrocketing price of tomatoes in Uttar Pradesh is forcing people to cut back on their daily diets.

The cost of tomatoes has increased to Rs 100 per kg. Those who need 1 kg are buying 250 grams. Tomatoes have become more expensive in the past 4-5 days. This is affecting people’s pockets greatly.”

As a result of heatwaves and heavy rains in tomato-growing areas, tomato prices have surged in the markets across the country from Rs 10-20 per kg to Rs 80-100 per kg.

For a variety of reasons, fewer tomatoes were sown this year than in previous years, according to Ajay Kedia, a Mumbai-based commodity market expert and founder of Kedia Advisory. As bean prices surged last year, many farmers switched to growing beans this year. However, a lack of monsoon rains has caused the crops to dry out and wilt. Due to heavy rainfall and extreme heat, vegetables, particularly tomatoes, are in short supply.

The price of tomato has suddenly shot up in the past two-three days, according to a Delhi resident.

Incessant rains have also damaged the tomato crop and made transportation difficult in the southern state of Karnataka and its capital city Bengaluru.

Tomatoes in Bengaluru reached Rs 100 per kg due to heavy rain, and traders said the crops were damaged.

In retail markets, tomato prices ranged between Rs 80 and 113 per kilo, according to a database maintained by the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Price Monitoring Division.

As wholesale prices rose about 60-70 percent on average in June, the rates of staple vegetables also increased.

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