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10 Best Magazines in India to Follow in 2022

Best magazines in India

Magazines in India are one of the best forms of entertainment in the country. Mostly we read newspapers and watch the news on TV channels to get updates but magazines also have some benefits. For example, magazines target a specific industry and audience, reading news in a magazine is more intellectual than reading online news. According to a survey, 15.9 million men read magazines every month.

So, whether we are moving towards the online world but we should not forget the importance of magazines. There are some magazines that have not only maintained their readership but also their high rankings. So here are some of the best magazines in India that we should follow in 2022.


Femina is an Indian magazine owned by media worldwide, which is ranked No. 10. It is one of the best magazines in India for celebrities with a large number of readers. This magazine was first published in 1959 and now it has become a leader in almost every Indian woman’s home. Femina is a subsidiary of Times Group which is one of the oldest English magazines in India. This magazine writes about celebrities, great beauty tips, relationship advice. Femina is still one of the best magazines in India with 3.09 lakh readers.


Filmfare is one of the most popular magazines in India published by media worldwide. The magazine has about 3.42 lakh readers. It was first published in 1952. This magazine has become a very big brand in itself, which is at number 9. The Filmfare Award is one of the most popular and awaited awards every year. This magazine writes about Bollywood. So if you like to follow Bollywood celebrities then you must read this magazine.


Reader Digest is one of the most incredibly popular magazines in India. This magazine ranked number 8. The Readers Digest has 3.48 lakh readers. It was first published in 1922. This magazine provides a wide variety of material on health, relationships, humor, travel, inspiration, survival stories, etc. It also includes exclusive interviews with celebrities and politicians. This magazine covers almost everything.


Outlook is one of the leading magazines in India. It has 4.25 lakh readers. The magazine was first published in 1995, which ranks at number 7. This magazine writes about news and politics. The magazine includes exclusive content on sports, entertainment, jobs, technology, and more.


This magazine writes about general knowledge, it is the most read magazine in India. It also includes exclusive content about IAS interview, college interview and current affairs. Competition ranks at number 6 with 5.25 lakh readers.


Sportstar is a popular sports magazine in India by Hindu’s publisher. It writes about different types of sports as its name suggests. They provide material about cricket Formula One, tennis, football, etc.
It also talks about controversial sports news and interviews with famous players. It ranks at number 5. The magazine has 5.28 lakh readers.


Pratiyogita Darpan is one of the most subscribed magazines in India. It is a bi-lingual magazine which is especially useful for the Civil Services Examination and similar competitive examinations. It provides material on general knowledge and current affairs. The magazine ranked number 4, with 6.21 lakh readers.


We can understand its contents by its name, diamond cricket today covers all the news and events related to cricket in the country. The magazine has also produced interviews of top players on a regular basis for its popularity. It is one of the most popular magazines for cricket news. It has been ranked number 3 and has 9.21 lakh readers.


‘General Knowledge Today’ writes about business, finance, politics, news, current affairs, trade ministries, and controversies. It also includes entertainment, movies, health, and relationships. The magazine also includes exclusive interviews with experts from various industries. It is a 55-year-old magazine which is at number 3 with 1.6 million readers in India.

1. INDIA TODAY Ranks No.1 in the list of best magazines in India

India Today is one of the best magazines in India, which is also a leading magazine in the country. The magazine also brought diversity to other regional languages ​​but its English edition is the most popular in the country. India has become a huge brand today with the publication of a news channel in 2016. It is a weekly-English news magazine published by Living Media India Limited. India Today is a widely circulated magazine in India with around 1.6 million readers, ranked at No.1.


Reading magazines is a great hobby that increases your knowledge and skills. We should read the magazine regularly to update ourselves. The above list has the most popular magazines in India that we should follow.

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