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How Cocomelon Captivated Kids Worldwide with Over 600 Million Hours on Netflix

Cocomelon on Netflix

There has just been a whole bunch of data released by Netflix about the number of hours people watch its titles. In the Top 100 most watched shows on Netflix, we noticed a familiar title: “Cocomelon: Season 1”.

“Cocomelon,” a collection of animated nursery rhymes for babies and toddlers that originated as YouTube videos, has “seasons,” but there are actually six of them on Netflix.

Find out how the popular children’s cartoon Cocomelon has become a global sensation with over 600 million hours watched on Netflix. Discover the secrets of its success and why kids can’t get enough of it!

It’s hard to argue that any 2-year-old is clamoring to watch the newest season to follow up on the cliffhangers presented in “Wheels on the Bus.” if you combine the watch time of all six seasons.

In the first half of 2023, Netflix users watched 601 million hours of “Cocomelon” (Seasons 1-6).

601 million hours cocomelon on Netflix

During the same time period, that’s more than all four seasons of “Stranger Things” combined.

Combined, “Cocomelon” would be the No. 4 most popular show, just ahead of “Wednesday.”

The YouTube video series “Cocomelon” was bought by Moonbug, which also owns Blippi and Morphle, which are popular preschooler properties.

Moonbug, the cartoon baby singing public domain nursery rhymes, was purchased by the same Blackstone-backed firm that bought Reece Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine for $3 billion in 2021.

According to Social Blade, Cocomelon’s YouTube channel is currently the fourth-most subscribed channel.

In addition to “The Night Agent” (812 million hours) and “Ginny and Georgia” (665 million hours), a South Korean drama and Tim Burton’s Wednesday also topped the list.

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