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At 63%, Bengaluru & Chennai Top Out on Branded Housing Supply Share

NCR & Kolkata new supply continues to be dominated by non-branded players in 2020 at 55% & 62% respectively Overall new supply share of branded developers jumped to 53% in 2020 against mere 41% in 2015 in top 7 cities altogether With consumer preferences tilting towards branded products over the last few years, the share […]

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Real Estate Science & Technology Technology

The Future Tech House of 2040

Technological advancements since the turn of the Millennium have dramatically changed our homes. With 59% of the global population now active internet users, a world without the internet is unimaginable and technology will continue to rapidly develop. Recent technology research exploring the public’s perception of evolving technology gives us a peek into the future tech […]

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Will the Real Estate sector revive after Covid19?

It is perceived that the real estate business can be a major driver for reviving the economy in the post-COVID world. Mushrooming urban slums and the exodus of migrant workers during the two-month lockdown period highlight the failure of urban planning in India. However, reports prove for the probability of the real estate revive after […]

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Real Estate

Best Areas to Live in Delhi For Middle or Upper Middle Class Families

Delhi is the capital of India, the city is home to many people of different religions and different income groups. Delhi at the top of people’s rights from low-income and middle-class groups. I am going to talk about some of the most popular residential areas in Delhi. If you are planning for your home, then this […]

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Woman’s Guide To Buying A House

In today’s world, women are becoming independent and financially stable, they’re not depending on anyone for their dreams and desires. Women are breaking stereotypes by showing their interest in buying property too. In today’s time, 32% of women in India are single home buyers. Women are well educated and career-oriented so that they shaped their […]

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Developed Economy, a distant dream – Extreme Poverty, a proximate reality

If Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to make his pledge to turn the country into a $5 trillion economy by 2024- from $2.7 trillion (before the pandemic)- into a reality, India needs its economy to expand at 9% to 10% pace for a sustained period of time. With growth slowing for six straight quarters before […]

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Top 10 Real Estate Builders in India

The total size of the real estate industry is at USD 170 billion(12,24,000 crores). Real estate is the second largest employer in India. The residential market in India has cumulative sales of residential apartments standing at 2,44,830 units and apartment launches at 2,33,387 units. The housing sector contributes to 5-6% of India’s GDP, which is expected […]

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How to Turn Your Home into a Luxury Hotel

Have you ever thought of turning your house into a luxury hotel that is beyond your imagination? It will not only look attractive but will also give a luxury feel. A luxury home has its advantages because you can get everything in one house. Living in a luxury home gives our mind extra happiness. It […]

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Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the world

Today’s demand for high-rise buildings is increasing day by day as it has become a symbol of urbanization. It was started in the late 1800s which still continues dynamically in the 21st century as people are now more likely to move to high-rise buildings. Humans have always been fascinated by altitude like the airplane was […]

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How Property Taxes Are Calculated

Whether we like it or not, the fact is property tax is due for payment each year. When the bill arrives, the easiest thing is to go and pay with all the documents you need to file your taxes. But the thing with taxes is that they can be very different from one year to […]

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