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Pre vs. Post DeMo – Black Money Deals Down 75-80%, Housing Sales Outstrip New Supply

In the pre-DeMo period (2013-Q3 2016), approx. 16.15 lakh housing units were launched across the top 7 cities; sales stood at approx. 11.78 lakh units In post-DeMo Q4 2016-Q3 2021, sales (approx. 10.37 lakh units) outstripped new launches (approx. 9.04 lakh units) Overall, new launches b/w two periods reduced by over 44% Black money (or

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Growing Your Skills As A Real Estate Agent

You will feel accomplished when you get your real estate license. However, most professional real estate agents in new jersey shared that you should never be complacent. In fact, earning your license serves as part of the journey. You don’t automatically become a good and prolific realtor. The license just means you can legally work as

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South Cities’ Office Vacancies Rise in H1 FY22 Despite High Net Absorption

Office vacancies in Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Chennai rose the most among the top 7 cities – by 4.2%, 3.9% & 2.78% respectively in H1 FY22 vs same period in FY2021; in contrast, Pune & Kolkata saw vacancy levels reduce Increased new office completions largely responsible for higher vacancies in southern cities; these 3 cities saw

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Understanding the True Value of a Location – Real Estate Investing

The property market always sees increased buying activity during the festive season. The many muhurats in this period are auspicious for creating wealth, future security, and overall improved fortunes. The positive sentiments of the Indian festive season motivate buyers who were ‘sitting on the fence’ (delaying purchase decisions) to stop procrastinating further. Obviously, developers know

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Non-metro Cities Attracting More Real Estate Investments

Now that the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic is over, the demand fundamentals of the India story are again focused on all cities with sufficient economic activity. Economic activity has many facets, including the industrial and service sectors and incentive-driven programs by the State Government. In Gujarat, which has seen considerable industrial progress, the key

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4 Success Tips for Realtors to Grow in Real Estate Industry

If you look at the most successful and influential people in the world, you will see that many of them are realtors. While real estate offers loads of financial success, it is also highly competitive since the goal of every realtor is to make it big in the industry and stand out from its competitors.

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ANAROCK Group sales jump 80% in H1 2021 Vs. H1 2020, MMR sees highest sales velocity

Mumbai, 28 October 2021 – At approx. 9000 units sold, leading real estate services consultancy ANAROCK Group saw its sales increase by 80% in H1 2021 as compared to the same period in 2020. Of the total of INR 8084 Cr worth of inventory sold, affordable housing constituted 20% of ANAROCK Group’s sales so far.

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Does the Indian Festive Season Attract NRI Homebuyers?

Most NRIs have families back in India – but even otherwise, most non-resident Indians maintain a deep emotional connection with their homeland. The desire to own property is a defining characteristic of all Indians, irrespective of whether they live and work here or abroad. During the Indian festive season, many visit India to take the

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BSE Realty Index – A Historic Growth Story

BSE Realty Index breached the 4,000 mark to record an 11-year high but is significantly lower than its peak of 13,647 in Jan 2008 Over USD 26 Bn FDI in construction development, massive infrastructure spending of USD 1.35 trillion, buzzing IPO market that raised over INR 42,000 Cr. in the past 3 years were strong

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Statistical analysis of the Central Vista redevelopment project, a luxury or a necessity?

The Central Vista redevelopment project is an ambitious plan of the Government of India which aims to revamp the 3.2 km long Rajpath, build a new Parliament house, a common Secretariat building and a 1,000 small chambers for MPs, among other structures. A lot has already been written about the political aspect of the project.

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