A Guide to the Top ‘Seated’ VR Games of 2022

seated VR games

What do most people think of when they are asked about VR games experience? They imagine running around a blank room wearing a VR headset.

This would allow someone to get the full-body experience that many people crave from VR while also helping them to stay physically fitter. But for some people who wish to engage in VR games, this may not be possible due in part to mobility limitations. So, what can be done for this group or for those with limited movement who want to enjoy VR games?

This is where seated VR games come in. As the name suggests, these games can be played by someone who is sitting in a chair. But the game you play is no less immersive than it would be if you were moving. You still get a sense of the room and simulated environment around you and can move about in it as if you were really moving without having to run around a room where you could get injured. 

With that in mind, what are some of the top ‘seated’ VR-based games of 2022? Here are some recommendations for you to try out. 

Beat Saber

This game is a bit like a standard sword game where you need to aim at cubes, except you get to slash the cubes with two sabers while listening to rock music in a simulated environment that can be accessed from your phone. If you want to experience it with a sturdier device, look for a suitable PC. There are some striking deals on gaming PCs online. 

You may have seen this game being played online and thus associate it with movement. But it can be played while seated, too, as the game centers on the VR controllers. This game is easy to play but hard to master. So, it can be a great way to pass the time while also refining your hand-eye coordination skills. 


This is a single-player game with a compelling story that can be played while seated.

As the player, you are assisting a mouse called Quill, who is looking to save her uncle. You are able to move things in the environment, solve puzzles, etc. 

This game doesn’t require any sudden movements and is fully immersive. There are some fight scenes, but it is rated as a very enjoyable game. 

This game is available on all VR headsets, but it is still exceedingly popular despite its age, as it was released in 2018. 

Robo Recall

This is a game with stunning graphics. It adopts an arcade-style structure offering point bonuses and displays of kill strikes. So, you don’t have to worry about investing in a shooter. This game can be played standing up, but for many, nothing is lost by playing it while seated. It is to the point and simple in its design while highlighting how a VR headset can alter even a simple arcade game recipe into something that feels new in your home.

You will need your hands to aim your weapons, but the movement is wired into the controller thumb stick. You won’t need to physically move around while playing. Unfortunately, it is only available on Occulus headsets, so it is not as readily available as other games on this list.

I Expect You To Die

If you are a fan of James Bond, this will be the game for you. It is a spy-based game with all the glitz and glamor of the James Bond franchise in a game that, for some people, may feel a bit dated, but for others, it feels retro!

You play an agent with a telekinetic implant. So, you can move things in the surrounding game without the need to use your hands. The game itself revolves around locked-room puzzles. You have to devise escape plans, all while problem-solving within a set time limit. This sounds easy, but it can be very tricky.

As it is based on puzzles and escape, you do not lose anything by playing this game while seated. In fact, it may actually make it easier to engage with for many people. This game is compatible with the majority of VR headsets.

Elite Dangerous

This game focuses on the premise that you are an explorer in a spaceship looking around the Milky Way for new planets.

It is based on exploration and tactical dog fights between you and alien races, but it requires you to use a keyboard and mousepad, making it ideal to play while seated at a desk. It requires no physical movement at all, except to perhaps turn your head and look at the stunning space-based graphics. 

It is worth noting that this game has been linked to an increased likelihood of motion sickness. So, if you intend to play it, it is recommended that you do so for short spells. This game is compatible with most VR devices.

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