How to check an online game for honesty and avoid falling victim to fraud

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Licensed slots – fair play, guarantee of payouts of winnings, pleasure from the process. Original emulators work on the principle of random force generator. The administration of the online casino game does not affect the results of rotations in any way. Licensed gaming platforms use, unfortunately, not only licensed machines of proven developer companies but also scripted slots of scammers.

Why check the license of the machine

Many players, especially beginners, check the presence of a license only on the gaming platform. Of course, licensed online casino game, like Bollywood Casino, rarely use fake slots, but still, it happens. If a gamer is going to play for money to win and earn, and not just to have fun, then it is necessary to check the authenticity.

A licensed platform – a guarantee of payouts and the safety of personal data. A licensed slot is a fair game with the possibility of winning. One thing is when the game depends on the gamer’s luck; another is when the outcome depends on the casino, which can interfere with the game at any time. Gamblers know that the development of the slot game depends on the random number generator, and no one can influence it. But the course of the game in scripted slots can permanently be changed in favour of the casino. For example, remove bonus rounds, reduce the percentage of RTP, etc.

What are the differences between licensed and scripted slot machines?

The main difference between licensed slots is the impossibility of interference from the casino. Original slots run on a different server than the casino. The gambling club leases the simulator software and integrates it into its resources. The administration can not affect the built-in random number generator, tweak the payoff percentage in its favour, i.e., reduce it. The online casino game acts as an intermediary between the player and the slot, in no way affecting the process of the game and the result of spins.

  • If the gamer loses the deposit completely, he has no right to claim that the simulator is scripted and tweaked in favour of the casino. Perhaps he was just unlucky. Licensed slots also lose significant sums. Gambling is a risk, and you can not be sure of victory. Gamblers consciously go to this risk and lose all investments, giving in to a burst of excitement. Before fraud accusations, you should ensure that the slot machines are fake.
  • Licensed developers of game software follow strict regulations in the production of slots. The main requirement is fair play. A unique commission checks slots for the regulation of gambling. Checked random number generator and reliability of protection against hacking. After successfully passing the inspection, the slot receives a license.
  • Fraudsters write scripted game software, and the casino can interfere in the course of the game at its discretion. Fraudsters use a famous slot to copy the simulator’s design, music and features. Even experienced players can not distinguish the fake from the real slot if it is made qualitatively. The gaming club installs fake software and adjusts the payout percentage in its favour. Online casino game can customize the payout percentage, the frequency of bonus rounds, the outcome of risk rounds, and the size of the slot bankroll.
  • The bankroll of fake slots is formed only by the losses of players on this very resource. The progressive jackpot (if there is one) will be insignificant. The bank of a licensed slot is formed from the bets of players worldwide using this slot, regardless of the institution.

Checking the license of the slot

One hundred percent guarantee of the authenticity of the game simulator – check the control server. It can be traced through the settings of the Flash player. Some slots can be viewed in free mode; in some, this setting is available only in the mode of play for money. Licensed virtual casino software developers have one or more control servers. All existing genuine servers can be found on thematic portals and particular sites. For example, slot machines from trusted developer Microgaming use control servers and

How to test slots on HTML 5

Not all modern slots work on Adobe Flash Player. Some software functions on HTML 5, you can not check them through Flash Player. To prevent such simulators, you can use the browser Mozilla Firefox. After launching the machine, right-click on the screen and select “Explore element”. Next, in the window that appears, you choose “Network”. After spinning the slot in the “Domain” column, look for the address of the control server. The address should match the manufacturer’s official servers. Be extremely careful when checking the server address. Sometimes scammers create addresses that differ by just a few letters, which, in a hurry, can be overlooked.

Other ways to check the authenticity of the slot

Some players believe that the authenticity of the simulator can be determined by eye. A fake slot machine will differ in graphics, design and functionality. But nowadays, scammers entirely copy licensed simulator pictures to create a fake. Or use a licensed device and rewrite only the control program. Thus, it is impossible to distinguish a fake by eye.

Judging by the percentage of winnings, is also not worth it. Perhaps today is not your day; luck has turned away from you. Of course, fake machines have a lower payout percentage (78-85%), and it is almost impossible to win. But blaming the slot or casino for dishonesty because of your loss is inappropriate. The simulator does not give bonus combinations and prize rounds – also not an indicator of a fake machine; it all depends on luck. The accusations of the gaming portal are unfounded.

The most reliable way to check (the only correct way) is to check the address of the control server. Valid addresses of game software manufacturers can be found on thematic portals.

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