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Samsung Spotted Working On A Future Phone With a Transparent Screen

Samsung dualscreen phone with transparent display

Samsung is developing a new phone with a transparent screen, said to be better than the foldable concept that stole the limelight.

Samsung filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Office in January of this year and has now made it public.

Why this device is unique?

What makes this device unique is the display technology used by Samsung. In the patent, it showcases that there is a second display at the back which has its own input and output ports. This is also undesirable because this reduces wireless options as only one display can be used when a call comes in.

A secondary display on the device frames around the screen and is reportedly transparent. If a phone user turns on this secondary display, it will look like any other screen but when turned off, it will fade into the background.

The new model of the product allows users to decide if they want the screen to turn on fully when it is needed or alternatively, keep it on partially while they are using another application.

The device will reportedly use the rear-facing camera to capture selfies, giving users a view of themselves in action.

Transparent phone will be a game-changer for Samsung

Samsung has seen success with its foldable phones, but they may soon be up against the likes of Google and Xiaomi.

Xiaom releases a price-comparable Galaxy Z Fold 4 competitor with the Mix Fold 2. This new device is available only in China and not yet known when, or if, it will be made available internationally.

Google has been working on a foldable phone for quite some time now, and a new report has revealed the design of the device.

With the newly-developed device, Samsung may have an advantage over its competitors, but it is too early for us to talk about a device that uses this technology. It’s possible that the technology could change a lot before the device is launched.

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