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The Looming Apple Watch Ban: Just One of Many Challenges Awaiting Apple in 2024

Apple Watch Ban

The possible Apple Watch ban has everyone talking, but that’s not the only challenge facing the tech giant. Check out our article on what else might be in store for Apple in 2024.

In this article, we examine how a forthcoming ban on Apple Watches is causing havoc for the company.

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The night before Christmas was a tense one for Apple. Tim Cook was not the only engineer who wasn't resting. There was a risk of some stockings being bare and empty. Fears of an Apple Watch ban hung in the air.

It’s a stressful time of year for Apple. A lot goes into ensuring their products, which are routinely on Christmas lists, get to their destinations on time.

One of the world’s most ubiquitous tech companies faces a ban on one of its most popular products.

This week, Apple’s Apple Watch Series 9 lineup and Apple Watch Ultra 2 will be pulled from Apple’s online store (December 21) and Apple Stores (December 24) due to ban.

According to the International Trade Commission, the watches’ use of blood oxygen tracking violated a patent held by health-tech company Masimo.

The company has not yet given up. In a last-minute bid to avoid the ban, Apple’s engineers are reportedly scrambling to develop a workaround to avoid infringing on the patent, according to SOURCES. Essentially, a software update would be required. However, Masimo has already argued that changing the watches’ physical hardware would be a much larger task.

White-House intervention could also result in the veto of the regulator’s ruling by President Joe Biden. By doing so, the president would not only be picking sides between two American companies, but would also favor one of the tech giants he vowed to scrutinize.

In 2024, Apple will face more problems than just the Apple Watch ban fiasco.

BI’s Hasan Chowdhury writes that even with a trillion market cap, Apple has its fair share of headaches.

Apple is also betting on its newest product – the Vision Pro – to succeed, which is a risky move, as virtual- and augmented-reality products have not taken off yet.

A local iPhone rival (Huawei’s 5G Mate 60 Pro) and increased tension between the US and China have placed Apple in a tricky position.

3 Things to Watch in the Markets-apple watch ban

It is possible that the Fed will have liquidity issues in 2024. In an attempt to fight inflation, the Fed has been shrinking its balance sheet by almost 0 billion a month. It is possible for banks to experience a liquidity shortage if Treasury issuance and interest rates remain high into next year.

A fund manager at a 1 billion firm says that while US-based AI stocks are overcrowded, emerging markets offer opportunities. Among these six stocks, Infosys and Lenovo are expected to play an important role in AI’s broader adoption.

BlackRock advises investors not to count on rate cuts before they hatch. According to Rick Rieder, the firm’s bond guru, market speculation suggests that interest rates will be cut in March. In his view, the market reacted prematurely, and Jerome Powell won’t cut as aggressively.

3 Things Know in Tech

Developers have flocked to GitHub’s AI-coding tool, Copilot, despite copyright concerns. It can help them write and suggest code.

Almost a third of Gen Zers say technology makes them lonelier and makes them spend more money. According to a survey of Gen Zers, 29% say it makes them feel more lonely, but for others, it makes them feel less isolated, according to 35% of young people. Technology, however, had less of an impact on loneliness among older generations.

Technology predictions from Bill Gates. According to him, AI will revolutionize jobs, healthcare, and education by 2024.

3 Things to Know in Business

It is expected that Elon Musk will launch a private school this summer for K-12 students. As part of Musk’s mysterious new nonprofit, which has generated buzz for its plans to eventually build a futuristic university, his Ad Astra School quietly moved to Texas, joining other tech-centric “microschools.”

It looks like homebuying will be a whole lot better in the coming years.In a mounting wave of lawsuits, some of the country’s largest real estate brokerages are accused of conspiring to rip off consumers.

Some merchants are committing to eight- or 24-hour sell-a-thons as a way to promote their products and drive sales through TikTok Shop.

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