How to Shop on Instagram | An Ultimate Guide for Instagram Shopping

In this blog, find out how to shop on Instagram, how to set it up, why you should set it up and how best to display your products to your potential.

How to Shop on Instagram Guide
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People of today love sharing fragments of their lives online through pictures or text. Out of the 7.7 billion population of the world, a whopping 3.5 billion people are part of the online social media world. One of the most popular platforms is Instagram. Because of this, it is worth knowing How to Shop on Instagram.

As per Instagram, the platform has a 1 billion monthly user population! And its popularity continues to grow. Before learning how to shop on Instagram you must know that over 130 million Instagram users tap on Instagram shopping tags. They do this to get information about products they like. Moreover, 1/3rd of users tend to opt for online purchases.

Putting two and two together shows us two important trends to keep in mind. Firstly, the masses are now using social media platforms to gain information about trends and brands. No longer are these platforms a mere means to stay connected with friends.

Secondly, online shopping is on the accelerator. Keeping in mind how much shoppers of today value convenience support, it is safe to predict that online shopping, is bound to rise. Therefore, to not lag behind the crowd you must learn how to shop on Instagram.

To set up the Instagram Shopping

To avail of the Instagram shopping feature, you will first have to establish up Instagram shopping and wait for it to get approved.

When setting up Instagram shopping, make sure to check these things:

  • Download Instagram’s latest version.
  • Convert your Instagram account into a business account.
  • Become an admin of a business manager account or page on Instagram.
  • Have a product catalog or online shop on your profile.

By having a catalog on a business manager account for your brand, you showcase your reliability to Instagram bots. Only then can you tag goods on your Instagram photos.

How to set Shop on Instagram

To set up Instagram Shopping on your Instagram business profile, take the following steps:

1. First, turn Instagram Shopping on. This will need review and approval by Instagram.
2. Go to your business profile and click settings.
3. Within settings, you will notice an option for “Business.” Tap it.
4. Continue by tapping on “Shopping.” However, know that this option will only appear if your profile has been approved for Instagram.
5. Now, you can tap continue and then proceed to link your product catalog to your professional Instagram account.
6. Press “Done.”

To get your Instagram account to get accepted, you will have to request the company to give you access to its shopping features. Your profile will be judged on various metrics before giving the said approval.

How to make Instagram Shopping the most useful experience?

As a brand, Instagram is an excellent stage for you. Whether it be the Instagram in-app checkout service or the Instagram shop now button, the platform offers many solutions for brands and users alike.
Here are some of the best ways you can leverage and learn how to shop on Instagram.

1. Product Tags

If you are new to the world of Instagram shopping, you might not know how product tags work. To tag your goods in posts and ads, here are the simple steps you must take.

  • Select a picture of your choice. Among the options, tap on the “Tag Product” option.
  • If your photo has different products, touch each of them to place different product tags.
  • Find the product from your catalog list and link it with your photo.
  • Click “Done” and then press “Share.”

You don’t fundamentally have to limit your product tags to images and stories. You can also add it in captions of your posts. Regardless of which approach you take, make sure you make it seem seamless and related to your target audience.

2. Ads

To get the most out of Instagram shopping, you need to make sure that users tap on your tags or use the in-app checkout option. For this, you must first promote your goods. There is no better way to promote your product on Instagram than via ads.

Instagram offers many types of ads. This includes a photo, sponsored, mapped-guided, story, video, IGTV, and carousel ad. Photo ads are popular posts that allow you to add different product tags in the caption. You can also choose to upload a video (video ad) rather than one immobile post or a series of static posts.

One shortcoming of using this type of ad is that it is only displayed to your followers. To get a better reach, you can choose sponsored ad that allows your advertisement to be featured in the feed of your target audience.

3. Instagram checkout

Instagram checkout in-app shopping captions for Instagram service make Instagram even more desirable for brands. This latest release allows users to make their purchases without having to visit the business page of the brand.

This is bound to increase conversion rates and encourage impulse buying. Remember, the more complicated the checkout process is, the higher are the abandonment rate. By eliminating the need to redirect to another site, Instagram has made the shopping process even easier for Instagram users.

Another benefit that this feature brings to customers, and by extension, to the brands that serve them is easy product tracking. Rather than having to memorize the different tracking numbers, all orders of customers can be tracked within the app.

Begin your Instagram Journey!

All in all, your brand can benefit immensely by having a strong online presence. Considering how powerful and convenient Instagram is for brands, make sure not to miss out on the various benefits it delivers and immediately learn how to shop on Instagram.

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