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Social Media Obsession: One in Six Indians spends 1-2 hours a day watching shorts and reels

Indians watching shorts reels

Over 250 million Indians subscribe to short-form videos through Indian home-grown apps like DailyHunt, Josh, Josh, Moj, Roposo and more. This is not including popular international platforms like Instagram Reels or Youtube Shorts. According to a recent report by Redseer, short-form videos like shorts and reels are watched for 1.2 hours on average per day by Indians.

There are as many as 65-75% of users hooked up with these primarily user generated content (UGC) platforms from Tier 2+ cities. According to Redseer, these platforms have a large user base in Tier 2+ and rural regions, and over 100 million people use them online to transact.

TikTok’s banning sparked the growth of Indian homegrown apps. In the report, over 58% of respondents reported an increase in SFV usage over the past six months, indicating that these platforms are highly satisfying to users.

Bharat is hooked on them because of high-quality creators and localised and regional content, says the report, adding that platforms have also launched creator programs, cultivated collaborations with celebrities, and attracted local talent.

Original content is abundant on these platforms across genres and languages. Based on an analysis of real-time feed data (around 1,20,000 videos per year), Redseer says that the percentage of original content has increased significantly, with over 99% original content compared to 92% original content in 2022 for every refresh during Jan-Aug 2023.

Reels and shorts you love the most

There’s another part to the story. Algorithms are at play to keep people on these platforms by suggesting the right kind of Short Reels for the Indians user that’s most interested.

With its fresh content, the platform knows what to suggest, such as a cat video or a joke, that will land on the right person’s phone.According to the report, these platforms provide fresh content with every feed refresh.

To ensure accurate genre tagging, they tag the creators in and use in-house machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. In India, the relevance of content across SFV platforms typically hovers around 80%. This means you can bring videos from anywhere in the world to your app.

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