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Where to Get Quality Paid Backlinks For Your Blog

Guide to buying quality backlinks

Probably, if you read this article, you know how essential references to your website are for its rating. But because of Google algorithms (like Penguin and others), only high-quality links matter. And that means natural and authoritative ones, i.e. placed relevantly to the topic and published on the reliable resource.

Such a requirement causes many tasks, like analyzing the niche, finding the most appropriate website, and making agreements with its webmaster. And this is just a brief list. Check, for example, the full guide for link building from scratch from SEO-guru Neil Patel.

Still, if you buy backlinks, it helps a lot and reduces your expenses, because other people perform these tasks for you. You pay money but save time and, what is even more important, spare your nerves.

So, let’s watch it closely and find out how and where to buy quality backlinks safely, and what you will get thanks to this practice.

What is Links Buying

Right now, there is a lot of talk in SEO-society about the validity of buying backlinks. These conversations and posts can easily mislead you and make you think that you will not be able to get quality references to your site by their purchasing. Still, this confusion arises due to the superficial understanding of buying.

It is definitely impossible to increase traffic by using automated systems for generating backlinks or obtaining “ten references per paragraph” pack. Google will quickly define such SEO-solutions as unnatural ones and ban you. But if you ask a webmaster to publish your blog post with relevant links to your site or mention your company in the planned articles, then the search engine does not care whether you will be paying for these references or getting them for free. It checks only how natural and useful it is.

So, we must agree with the statement that link building is always link buying because you always give something for placing your reference. (We do not consider the situation when other sites link to yours on their own, because that happens only when you already have authority in the field, like Nike brand in their niche; and this is impossible without paid promotions at the beginning).

Still, it is common to say that if you purchase backlinks, you do not pay to the webmaster directly; you pay to some agency which takes care of the communications with webmasters for you and also offers such services as writing relevant SEO-content.

How Buying Quality Backlinks Services Work

Though the details of cooperation depend on the service, the common scheme can be described in 2 steps:

  1. You get the access to the list of proven and trustworthy publishers who are ready to cooperate with you. Since the quality services have a huge list, it is classified by field. For example, you are a real estate company, and you have an opportunity to check only relevant resources to place your link.
  2. You decide how you want to cooperate further. Options of ordering copywriting or providing your own content are both acceptable. The first option is preferable if you do not have a copywriter in the team and are not sure that you will be able to create the post that the guest service will publish.

After a while (you will be notified about deadlines for posting before buying links) the webmaster of the chosen resource will publish a text with the references to your website. Right after publishing your traffic will begin to rise. Do not wait for a sharp increase in one night, but a gradual improvement during the next few weeks is guaranteed.

How to Choose A Reliable Agency to Purchase Links

When you use agency services, you rely on the choice of where to buy backlinks. That is why you need to pay a lot of attention to choosing the agency itself. The best part of it is that once you pick it, you can cooperate with it for various linkbuilding cases, articles or even projects.

First of all, check the main players on the market. Their services can cost a little bit higher, but they definitely will be reliable.

Then read how the agency works and what it offers. If you can not find this information on the website, this is a bad sign. Also, talk to the managers and find out all the details from them.

Next step is finding reviews from previous customers. It will be best if you can get access to the concrete results, not just “this is a good agency, they have helped me” feedback. Again, if managers can provide this information, it is a really good choice for cooperation.

And, of course, trust your intuition. Sometimes you just like that exact service and do not like another one; it is okay, you will work with these people so you must feel comfortable and confident in your choice.

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