Is the New Selfie Video Requirement Making People Quit Tinder? Here’s What We Know


In a bid to enhance its Photo Verification process, Tinder announced on Wednesday that it is now asking members to take a selfie video as part of confirmation. This move appears to be an effort from the dating platform to create more trust amongst users. Although being verified with the app is optional, around 40% of all its users have already gone through this process and been rewarded with a distinctive blue public checkmark. “Members often express that photo verification is one of their crucial safety components”, said Rory Kozoll, Tinder’s senior vice president of product integrity. According to him, statistics show that young people aged between 18 and 25 are 10% more likely to hook up with someone if they’re confirmed by the verification tool.

Also, photo-verified members can ask their matches to verify their photos before chatting.

Verified members can access Message Settings and choose to receive messages solely from other verified daters. Those who already possess the photo verification will have to go through the video selfie process in due course, a process which was found to be more successful when made mandatory. Subsequently, all new members will be asked to photo verify upon setting up their profile. Additionally, some paying users will be able to limit their recommendation center only to verified users.

As of today, video selfie in Photo Verification is available globally, and the ability to select ‘Photo Verified Members’ only in Message Settings will start rolling out in the coming months.

We consistently hear from Tinder daters that photo verification is one of their most valued safety features. With this tool, members can better assess a match’s authenticity. A Tinder spokesperson said that Photo Verified members have a 10 percent higher chance of matching,” said Rory Kozoll, Tinder’s SVP of Product Integrity.

Nearly 40 percent of all members have received the blue checkmark of Photo Verified.

When a video selfie was introduced, more men completed the Photo Verification process, according to early tests.

As a result, Tinder now requires new members to complete Photo Verification when creating an account.

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