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Top 5 Small Business Tech News of the Week

Linkedin small business tech news

The technology of today’s world is so helpful for achieving your dreams. Technology helps in providing opportunities for your business. A great example of this is Linkedin, a social platform which plays a vital role in growing your business. Today in this article we are going to discuss about latest top 5 small business tech news or the major announcements done by the top tech leading giants of the market.

Small Business Tech News From Top Tech Giants

1. Linkedin is creating a gig marketplace

Linkedin is a professional site specifically for finding and obtaining job opportunities. The platform is suitable for finding jobs as well as good for many other business opportunities.

But now Linkedin is going to do something big to engage the audience, and to achieve this the company has announced a plan to start its own engagement marketplace like Upwork and Fiverr.

This LinkedIn marketplace will post freelance projects and get projects done at home.

About 13% – 27% of the new platform will basically provide employment for writing, marketing, consulting.

Microsoft is the parent company of LinkedIn, focusing its efforts on creating a digital wallet that will be useful for multiple platforms such as Marketplace.

Why is this Important for your business?

Despite the pressure by Washington to force employers to reclassify them to more independent workers, such as employees. The gig marketplace is constantly expanding.

The Linkedin gig is also a jump in marketing.

The good thing about this is that clients ask for consulting and independent workers for projects.

Well connected platform to find employment to your liking.

This platform is easy to find jobs and is also really helpful for people. People are connecting well and are happy with Linkedin’s services. It’d be a great opportunity for the people who are genuinely active on Linkedin, especially for the independent workers or freelancers who are actively looking for new jobs.

This step of Linkedin will increase the employment in the market especially after the Covid-19 where people are losing their jobs.

2. A Dallas based fintech startup launched Debit card for Family and Friends

New fintech platform like Zirtue hopes to make it less awkward for friends and family to borrow money by digital paper and a tracking system for them what is owed.

And this is a really helpful place for owing and borrowing.

The Zirtue application was launched in 2020 on iOS and Android.

This is one of the first places that are really helpful for family and friends through monthly, automated payments.

Through a MasterCard, the Dallas-based start-up launched a debit card, which may be to help those who do not have access to banking.

Why this technology important to your business?

By the way, all platforms are really helpful for your business and it provides a really good opportunity and less awkward.

3. Google new updated plugin – Material design

Well, Google has recently released an updated plugin for its design language which is known as Material design.

The new add-on for WordPress will provide users with the opportunity to reflect the user experience on the first side, negating the need to worry about coding.

Well, it is currently only accessible to business-level users on WordPress.

It lets users customize the icon color on their website to correlate with the Google content design theme.

It is also known for the use of shadows, light, and layers, etc.

By the way, Material Design was only available for use on Android apps.

But right now will be able to use Google font to grab attention, typography, add bright things with the perfect color theme to create a webpage.

It is also meant to create custom shapes and pick from a range of icon styles.

It can also be tweaked and customized.

4. Integration between Teams, Outlook, Dynamics 365 Plan
by Microsoft

By the way, Microsoft announced last week how Outlook would take teams down the ramp, Dynamics 365.

According to the company, users can expect better integration between 365 and teams.

It is improving various business plans, processes, collaborations, etc.

The teams will allow Dynamics users to directly use calling, meeting, chat, record in 365 applications. Microsoft also plans to improve Dynamics 365 marketing and between teams.

Microsoft is also well aware that more needs to be done to bring its office and operational applications together under a single interface and to provide greater integration of data.

The integration is fantastic but Microsoft will need to reduce further complexity.

5. 89% of IT professionals feel extreme pressure at work

According to a recent survey conducted by the Dynamics app, IT professionals are dealing with more pressure, stress, and complex issues at work before the epidemic.

About 75% of technology professionals never described their IT as complex. About 83% said that during that time the job itself became more demanding and difficult, complicated. Participants are Financial Services, IT Public Services, Retail Media, Automotive and Manufacturing.

Well IT people are a bit more introverted and less communicative. Hope you guys like these small business tech news.

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