Prayagraj: Railways to Use AI to Manage Crowd during Magh Mela

Prayagraj AI Magh Mela

In Prayagraj (UP), the railway will use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to manage crowds during the upcoming Magh Mela. Maha Kumbh 2025 will also be a rehearsal for this event.

After a meeting between a railway official and the district administration, it was decided to stop devotees at 14 holding areas, including seven at Prayagraj Junction, four at Prayag station, and three at Rambagh, in addition to circulating areas because of an increase in crowds. To meet the heavy rush, additional bogies and Mela special trains will be operated. Shuttle buses and e-rickshaws will also be available to transport people to the Mela.

Also discussed was emergency preparedness. In addition, a control tower has been built on top of the station building to monitor the movement of devotees.

Officers at the divisional level will manage the nine stations from the control room, which will have a CCTV system, hotline, wireless, display board, and will be connected to the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) of the mela area.

Entry into the prayagraj magh mela will be controlled through AI passenger shelters only from the city side.

The same planning is being done at Prayagraj Junction, Prayagraj Cheoki, Naini, Rambagh, Prayag, Phaphamau and Jhunsi stations as well.

In addition, Vijay Kiran Anand, Maha Kumbh Mela Adhikari, directed the medical department to prepare a detailed SOP for station-wise medical arrangements to be shared with the railways.

Magh Mela tickets will be issued under the new system outside the passenger shelter on Leader Road, for which special arrangements have been made.

In accordance with the colour code of the holding area, colored stickers will be placed on the issued tickets.

In Prayagraj Junction, passengers will be able to enjoy airport-like facilities, while smaller stations will also be upgraded. Retiring rooms and dormitories are now available at Prayagraj Sangam railway station.

It will be controlled in a temporary hold up area like Khusrobagh once the passenger shelters at Prayagraj Junction are full.

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