Ukraine Set to Soar: Producing Over One Million Drones in 2024

Ukraine one million drones

According to the Ukraine minister of digital transformation, the country will produce more than a million drones this year.

In an interview with state-owned outlet Diia on Sunday, Mykhailo Fedorov made the prediction.

Fedorov said Ukraine delivered 50 times more drones in December than it did in all of 2022.

The Ukrainian drone production capacity was also discussed by Fedorov with Reuters last week.

According to the news agency, Ukraine ramped up drone production and delivery in 2023.

According to Reuters, the government’s BRAVE1 initiative awarded $2.5 million to military IT businesses last year, with the amount expected to more than double in 2024.

“We’ll fight to increase the funding even more,” he said.

According to Reuters, Fedorov said Kiev had reached “certain levels of parity” with Moscow in the development of long-range drones.

In order to compensate for a drop in Western aid and to counter Russian aggression, Ukraine has been ramping up its domestic drone production.

Ukraine has attacked Russia’s oil and gas industry, blown up armored columns, and damaged its Black Sea Fleet with drones.

A variety of drones have been developed by the company, including the reconnaissance “Ironclad” drone, the jamming-resistant Backfire drone, a sea drone, and the Ratel S ground drone.

In addition, Russia has expanded its drone production and arsenal, including one similar to Iran’s Shahed drones.

According to a Ukrainian commander, Russia has between five and seven drones for every Ukrainian drone.

A Ukrainian drone operator said that “nobody knows how to advance” in the skies because Ukraine and Russia fly so many drones.

Additionally, Ukraine’s cheap drones have become increasingly vulnerable to Russia’s improved jamming and spoofing equipment, which forces it to innovate.

According to Reuters, Fedorov said Ukraine needs to break away from the “anti-bureaucratic way” in order to achieve a “breakthrough in the war of technology.”

We will continue to bet on this, to work in this direction because technology has the potential to save us,” he said.

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