Biggest Cryptocurrency Failure Ever: Firm mistakenly sent $10.5 million to Australian woman instead of $100 and took 7 months to realize

$10.5 million mistakenly sent to australian woman

A cryptocurrency company mistakingly transferred almost $10.5 million to a woman in Australia and failed to notice the error for seven months, according to a legal document.

Cryptocurrency company made a mistake with payment information in May of 2021 and entered an incorrect account number, according to a default judgment released on Friday by the Supreme Court of Victoria. The company supposed to pay $100 to Thevamanogari Manivel but instead mistakenly entered the wrong amount.

Manivel shares how and when she realized mistakenly sent her an extra $10,474,143.

The cryptocurrency firm failed to spot the erroneous payment until a company audit was carried out in late December. Seven months later, according to the judgement they made a mistake and paid the wrong values.

There was a lawsuit filed by as they felt Thilagavathy Gangadory and Manivel were not entitled to the $10.5 million of funding that was given in May 2021.

The company ordered to freeze the Manivel’s bank account, but shortly after learning about it and trying to do what was ordered, It discovered that most of the money went to other accounts.

A month later, Manivel purchased a $1.35 million house in Craigieburn with the money that was mistakenly sent to her. In late January, Manivel sent $430,000 to her daughter.

The house was transferred to the sister of Manivel, who lives in Malaysia.

The ruling said tried to freeze Gangadory’s bank accounts in March, but it was unsuccessful–though the judgment didn’t say what specifically it did wrong.

Not responding to messages from’s solicitors, but responding to one email from Manivel’s lawyers saying they received the message and thanked them, according to the judgment.

Manivel claims company’s solicitors asked for legal advice

Friday’s default judgment ordered Gangadory to pay $1.35 million, sell the property, and pay interest of $27,369.64 and costs. didn’t respond to Insider’s request for comment. The company declined to comment for The Guardian and Daily Mail Australia while the case was before the courts.

Manivel and Gangadory are also not responding to the comments.

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