How is the Prospect of PMP Certification? Is It Hard to Get?

PMP Certification

PMP means Project Management Professional. It’ s a kind of certification for people majoring in project management. PMP exam, held by PMI, is put forward in more than 206 countries and regions around the world, and is the most valuable certification in the field of project management at present. Possessing a PMP certification not only improves the project managing ability of a project manager, but also shows his personal competitiveness. It’ s a symbol of the status of the project management professionals.

So How is the Prospect of PMP Certification?

1. Potential in Becoming The Primary Career Option

In terms of wage, owning a PMP certification will bring you more and more wage. According to the survey, from 2000 to now, the number of people who have obtained PMP certification has grown by more than 37 times. Also, the number of people who have got PMP certification in the world has reached 200,000. Therefore, Business Week boldly predicts that in the next 10 years, PMP will surpass MBA and becomes the most popular management talents in enterprises. Fortune magazine predicts that  project management (PM) will become the primary career option in the 21st century.

2. Recognition From Global Project Management Professionals.

Project management is widely adopted in fields like aerospace, communication, electronics, computer, software development, construction, finance, pharmaceutical and other industries, and even in government departments. PMP certification has gained recognition from global project management professionals. In internationally renowned enterprise organizations, such as IBM, GE, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle Corp, SAP, DHL, Ford and so on, the number of people owning PMP certification is about 10,000. 

3. Chinese Demand in 700,000 Project Management Talents

In China, PMP certification has attracted extensive attention from Chinese project management professionals, news media, government agencies and business field. In human resource market, the supply of PMP project managers is far from meeting the large demand of domestic enterprises. PMP has become a “golden profession” leading to success. According to the survey, 86% of the enterprises with annual sales revenue of more than 500 million US dollars employ project managers with this certification. International investment bankers believe that China is becoming the world’s largest project factory. Project management talents have become the most scarce talents in China. At the same time, it is also a new hot spot for multinational companies to enter China to compete for talents

Is It Hard to Get PMP Certification?

The difficulty of getting PMP certification lies in its great value.

Although the PMP exam is somewhat difficult, PMP exam pass rate of students in domestic institutions has reached more than 90%. Moreover, in the face of the threshold set by the PMP test, participating in the exam means that you have the experience and ability related to project management, so learning will be relatively easy for you. But for those who have no experience, they will be confused at the beginning of learning.

The content of the exam is based on the study of the role and responsibility of the project manager in the five process groups, ten knowledge areas and PMP Examination Outline (ECO). The scope of the ten knowledge areas is very wide.

When doing the exam, the answer card should be painted once every 50 questions, in case of wrong application and insufficient time.

Generally speaking, PMP exam is of certain difficulty. But don’t worry. Choose a reliable training institution, study hard and ask what you don’t understand, then your pass rate will be greatly improved.

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