The Top 10 most inspiring LinkedIn influencers in Tech

inspiring LinkedIn influencers in Tech

Connect and socialize with professionals from around the world using LinkedIn, a social networking website. LinkedIn has revolutionized the way business and careers are conducted. Networking no longer requires you to leave your home. With LinkedIn, you can do this right from your computer!

The top 10 most aspirational LinkedIn influencers in tech have been selected. Here are some tips on how to get engaged on LinkedIn. Learn from the best and also be inspired by the latest trends. One day, you may follow their career path. Enjoy!

1. Mark A Smith’s Chief Revenue Officer

LinkedIn Profile:

Here’s why you should follow them: Mark works at as the CRO as well as writing, speaking, and advising startups. 

He also discusses hiring, recruiting, building a culture, and growing sales if you are developing a SaaS company. Moreover, the posts he writes about hiring and recruiting are very interesting to me. 

2. Manu Goswami

CEO SuperFan Inc.

LinkedIn Profile:

Here’s why you should follow them: This young tech entrepreneur has won numerous awards at only 20 years old. Since he was a child, Manu has been setting up businesses and has a relentless enthusiasm for it. Considering he has already been mentioned in over 50 national and international media titles, including Forbes magazine, one can also only imagine what he can achieve in the future.

3. Lisa Seacat Deluca

IBM Watson Internet of Things Distinguished Engineer

LinkedIn Profile:

Here’s why you should follow them: She is also one of the most influential women in IoT and a frequent speaker at technology conferences, where she is all about innovation. Lisa also frequently shares her experience as a woman in tech, and has filed over 600 patents. Lisa also wrote two books for children called “A Robot Story” and “The Internet of Mysterious Things.”

4. Dan Price

Gravity Payments CEO

LinkedIn Profile:

Here’s why you should follow them: Dan Price is the founder and chief executive officer of Gravity Payments. He has also been described as an influential leader, role model, practical visionary, and a model for how all CEOs should behave.

In case you aren’t sold yet, let me remind you that Dan decided to give up millions of his own compensation so that everyone at Gravity Payments could live a comfortable life. 

Moreover, you will be inspired by his content to be decisive, solve problems, lead initiatives, and improve the world.

5. Tim O’Reilly

CEO and founder of O’Reilly Media

LinkedIn Profile:

Here’s why you should follow them: He builds bridges between tech and communication, he captures innovations at the onset and helps them get off the ground. Tim O’Reilly has the knack of spotting trends and their (often huge) potential before they even recognized. With his books and articles, he also really encourages his readers to think about the future and the impact technology has on it. This is what we might call a visionary. Hence, do we need to say more?

6. Gary Vaynerchuck


LinkedIn Profile:

Here’s why you should follow them: He is a social media pioneer. Throughout his career, he has also built an influential network, is one of the most sought-after public speakers, and hosts online Q&As and documentaries on the life of a CEO in the digital age. In addition to being a bestselling author, he also authored the book ‘How Great Entrepreneurs Build Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too’. Check it out!

7. Jeff Erickson

Partner at

LinkedIn Profile:

Here’s why you should follow them: Jeff has experience raising funds. At, he also manages partnerships that help companies and investors manage equity plans, cap tables, and valuations. 

Moreover, Jeff’s posts are very informative and valuable if you are planning to raise money in the near future. 

8. Marie Forleo

inspiring LinkedIn influencers in Tech

Blogger, vlogger, entrepreneur

LinkedIn Profile:

Here’s why you should follow them: Marie also hosts podcasts and web shows to help you succeed in business and in life. Moreover, her posts include advice on how to start a freelance business, how to charge for your services, and how to maximize your abilities.

9. Vivek Wadhwa

The Carnegie Mellon University College of Engineering’s Distinguished Fellow

LinkedIn Profile:

Here’s why you should follow them: A bit forward-looking, or is it the present? Vivek also writes about technology, the future of it, women in tech, and Elon Musk. He also stirs debate and provokes thought.

10. Susan Etlinger

Susan Etlinger | Speaker: inspiring LinkedIn influencers in Tech

Keynote speaker and industry analyst

LinkedIn Profile:

Here’s why you should follow them: Her TED Talks highly regarded and she often invited to speak at international universities. The topics she enjoys discussing also include artificial intelligence, big data, and digital ethics.

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