Bigg Boss 13: Traders demand from Central Government to Ban the Show

Bigg Boss 13 vulgarity

The reality shows Bigg Boss 13, which airs on Colors TV channel, calls for the show to be banned by traders. The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has sent a letter to Union Information Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar requesting that the broadcast of the TV show be stopped immediately.

CAIT has stated in the letter that in this serial a lot of vulgarity and vulgarity is being demonstrated openly.

Bigg Boss 13: BFF is being enhanced

In this show, ‘Bad Friend Forever’ (BFF) is being enhanced. This reality show cannot be seen at home with the family, the traditional social and cultural values of the country are being taken away from the show. To increase TRP and earn money, Bigg Boss snatched away the cultural values of the country from the show, which would not be tolerated or allowed in this country.

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) said that Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has enhanced cultural values not only in our country but also abroad. From this possibility, we should think about it and ban the show Bigg Boss 13 to save our country’s cultural values and morals.

Bigg Boss always in controversy

The letter said that Bigg Boss has always been in controversies, observing vulgarity in the show from the beginning. Bigg Boss is always a problematic show right from the beginning that excited people the most. Currently, Bigg Boss 13 is completely against traditional social, cultural values and policy of TV reality shows and films.

The letter states that the director of the show forgets that it is a prime slot TV show, when it airs, everyone watches the show. The content level of this show is extremely cheap which will not be aired at any national channel.

TV shows should have Censor Board

Khandelwal said that when the film releases only after the censor board’s confirmation, then why are these TV shows not coming under the censor board. Bigg Boss producer Salman Khan and director are all responsible for this which shows such vulgarity in TV shows.

CAIT has requested Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar to ban Bigg Boss 13 immediately, every episode will be allowed to air only after the censor board’s confirmation.

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