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10 things men wear that attract a woman

men wears attract a woman

Since ages, both men and women have gone through the urge of looking good and attracting the opposite sex towards them. Though attract a woman is quite underrated as compared to attract a man.

It seems women seem to make a much conscious and sincere effort in order to attract men towards them and they are able to do it successfully.

But a modern man also makes a similar effort to attract a woman towards them and his effort does not get down the drain as modern women have become all the more responsive and at the same time choosy as things that men wear is capable of turning them off or on. 

We surveyed many women in order to find what exactly are the things which they look for in a man and how attire of a man plays with their hormone. So all men out there, we have come up with a very useful list which can help you in making a strong impact in the very first meeting. 

1. Don’t dress too casually!

According to the majority of women, they get attracted more towards men in formal clothing then casually dressed men. This doesn’t mean that you need to wear a three-piece suit or a tuxedo every time you go out with a woman, but a collared shirt will definitely work wonders than a casual t-shirt. Being a woman, even I will personally vote over a man who is formally dressed up for a date. It shows the effort he has made for dressing up and how sincere he is about meeting the girl. 

2. Start embracing colors in life

Life is full of colors and you do not need to continue plunging in the pool of white, black and grey in order to show masculinity. Adding subtle colors in your attire will definitely display your sensitivity to a woman. Just a broach or lapel flower can also work wonders in redefining the entire look of yours. As they say baby pink is the new black and men look both sexy and attractive in it. Wearing a baby pink, light lemon yellow, sky blue or light sea green shirt on a date can turn the table in your favor.

3. Fitting of the clothes

Wearing baggy clothes with extra fabric on armholes or on the chest will definitely turn off the woman right at the first look. Fitting of the clothes is very important as it will not only flaunt your well-sculpted body but it will also show the high testosterone levels in you. Well fitted suit or a formal shirt with a pencil fit pants is just the perfect recipe to impress the girl at very first look. 

4. White tees and jeans

We are not contradicting ourselves by involving these clothing in our list. There is no denial of the fact that men look great informal, but white tees and jeans is a combination which almost every man can pull off easily and women do get attracted by it. All you have to do is make sure that the t-shirt is neither too tight nor too baggy and the jeans are of proper fit and it is of right length falling just above your shoes.  

5. Rolled up sleeves attract a woman

You won’t believe but rolled up sleeves is a big hit with the ladies. It shows you are up to some relaxation after a serious day at work. And which woman will not love it. It is a perfect thing to tone down the look of your buttoned formal shirt when you head towards a bar or a café after a hectic day at work. It shows your cool, casual yet a responsible approach and believes me, women love it. 

6. Chinos- a good cotton fabric

Chinos is another thing that can find an important place in your wardrobe. It not only gives you a change from regular jeans, trousers, and khakis but you will also look a more put together in front of a woman. But make sure you have a well fitted tapered chino to wear as too tight or baggy chinos will definitely turn your girl off.

7. Watches look attractive on your wrist

Watches have become something underused as we all have smartphones to tell what time it is. It may be underused but you can never underrate the effect of a good watch on a woman. Women love the men who take care of details and twisting your wrist slightly to tell what time it definitely strikes the cord with the woman sitting on the other side of the table. Make sure you wear a nice watch going well with your attire.

8. V-neck sweater is good to attract a woman

If you want to play safe then V-neck sweater is the thing for you. It not only strikes the right balance between being casual and done up but also makes your cheekbones look broader than your jawline and enhance your masculinity. Go for grey, navy blue or olive green colors for better effect.

9. A girl like Fragrance- always wear it

No one likes to sit with a person who doesn’t smell good, be it, men or women. So fragrance can be a very important factor in choosing a mate for yourself. Wearing a masculine fragrance can play a vital role to attract a woman towards yourself. Since fragrance is something which will be noticed even before clothes, it is better to put on right perfume or cologne as you go out on a date. 

10. Shoe is a common thing, attract a women

Last but not the least shoes is something which will give a finishing touch to your entire attire. It is believed that shoes are the first thing that an onlooker notices in a person. Wearing well fitted, comfortable and branded shoes on a date is the right thing to do. Make sure you are wearing formal shoes with formal attire and casual shoes with casual ones. These days you also get semi-casual shoes which can easily be pulled off with shirts with rolled sleeves, V-neck sweaters or Henley. 

If you follow these simple 10 steps will surely help you get the best possible outfit that attract a woman.

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