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How much fat should you eat in a day?

Low-carb diet: How much fat should you eat in a day?

Whenever we plan to lose weight, we always think about the low-carb diet plan. A low-carb diet limits your carbohydrates intake which is mostly found in grains, legumes, pulses, bread, starchy vegetables, and, fruits. Low-carb food also help you fight and prevent metabolic and diabetes disease.

There are many low carb diet foods that help us lose weight. Therefore, people tend to follow foods with a low carb diet the most. But this is not enough. You should eat some calories every day which comes from a good source of fat and protein.

People have a myth that cutting fat is good for their health because they think fat is not healthy. But this is not true. Because if you cut down on your essential fats, it can further aggravate your hunger and cause a mismatch in your nutritional level. Therefore, including fat is very important.

Most of us think that cutting calories and carbs are only associated with weight loss or reducing excess flab. No doubt, most weight loss planner recommended calories deficit status.

But, several studies depict that you may get rid of excess flab as the extra fat and protein is something that keeps you feel full longer – and by this, you can eat less. So, if you are at your weight loss journey, try this ultimate weight loss calculator to know about the healthy weight loss measurements.

How to make your own low-carb diet?

  • Calories are composed of fat (40%) and protein (35%) and the rest comes from carbohydrate sources.
  • You should not compromise on calorie intake.
  • For ideal weight loss, you should take 1500 calories every day, of which 600 should come from the fat content.
  • Like 1 gram of fat equals 9 calories, it comes out of 67 grams of fat in 24 hours or a day.

Although a diet varies for all people, the general level of fat levels should be about 0.4 – 0.5 grams per pound of your target body weight.

Apart from this, you should also know about the type of fat and protein in your food. Your objective is to include unsaturated fats in your plate because they also contain traces of protein, antioxidants, and minerals that help protect your health while losing weight.

Good sources of unsaturated fats are Seafood, nuts, seeds, chickpeas, and certain dairy products.

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