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A man gets infected twice from the coronavirus

man infected twice from coronavirus

A person who belongs to the United States has received the coronavirus twice. According to doctors, the second infection is more dangerous than the first. A 25-year-old man caught this coronavirus twice, requiring a hospital after he did not get oxygen to his lungs.
He has now recovered from the virus after treatment.

In the first wave of the virus, it has symptoms like a sore throat, cough headache, diarrhea, and runny nose. The man first tested on April 18. His symptoms completely resolve on the 27th of April.

Later he got the corona test done, on which he got negative on 9 May and 26 May.
Later he develops symptoms such as fever, hiccups, dizziness, cough, diarrhea, and nausea. Then met him again for the Corona Test, in which he turned positive.

According to the scientist, a person can get this coronavirus twice. Active and Jumping Basic Viruses. According to doctors, the symptoms of previous infections may not vary all the time.

There is no certainty that past infections can protect against the future. The possibility of re-infection is very high, but it also depends on our immunity. If the person is recovered, they should take precautions such as social distancing, wearing face masks, and using sanitizers.

Scientists are researching the relationship between coronavirus and the immune system. Re-infection is not so common. It is rare in each case, with only a few cases occurring among millions of cases.

The protection of our bodies is the key to protect against viruses. We must be aware of this to protect ourselves. This could be the second reason for this virus that is weak because the body has already learned to fight the virus.

It is also based on our immune system if the person has an immune system to fight this virus. Well, the raids continue but we do not know about the relationship between immunity and viruses.

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