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Coronavirus: France bans more than four cities due to high levels of infection

France bans four cities coronavirus cases increase

Coronavirus still grows in every city and country, so bars and restaurants have to be closed in four other cities. The French government has strongly imposed epidemic bans in other cities with high levels of infection, causing four cities to have high levels of infection rates like other European countries.

Four cities — Alien, Lily, Grenoble, Saint-Etienne — will become areas of maximum alert coronavirus cases. Bars and restaurants have been closed by the French government as they did in Paris and Marseille.

The move was taken because there is a record of 18,129 fresh Coronavirus cases in France.
The situation in many cities has worsened in recent times. French Health Minister Olivier Vern said in a conference that more and more people are infected day by day.
The infection rate in France exceeds 250 infections per 100,000. 30% of people COVID are reserved for 19 patients.

The hospitals went into emergency mode on Thursday. The condition of France Coronavirus is still getting worse day by day as the infection is increasing day by day. European countries such as Netherland, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic reported an increase in new coronavirus cases.

Even Germany acknowledges that this is a worrying situation for them as coronavirus cases increase. A large number of coronavirus cases occur globally in Europe, the Americas in Southeast Asia. According to the WHO, a record increases in a single day globally, with an increase of 338,779 cases in the last 24 hours.

According to reports, Germany has also recorded an amount of 310,144 with 9,578 deaths. Must be aware of the German situation. The present situation is clearly worrisome as seen daily in corona cases. The virus may also be out of control.

As the autumn school holidays are tightened under Germany’s rules for domestic travel and overnight stay is banned on holidays in at-risk areas, where the transition is top 50 per 100,000 residents.

The Germans also avoid traveling abroad during the days. There is a ban on large gatherers in areas with high infection rates, testing on airports for people arriving from high-risk countries, and also fixing those who have not worn pubs.

Rusi is also forced to stay home on weekends to help the virus not spread. The total number of 11,493 new cases is 1,260,112.

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, has closed bars, restaurants, cafes, and tea rooms for this time.

Wearing a mask is mandatory in Italy no matter where you are going. And European countries have registered an increase in one case. There are over 6.5 million cases of coronavirus in Europe.

The best way to deal with this coronavirus does not go out anywhere even if it is not very necessary, cover your face and nose with a mask, always clean your hands while touching anything to protect you.

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