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Facial Workout Guide: List of Facial Exercises to Follow Daily

list of facial exercises

Looking for list of facial exercises to tone your face? It makes sense that your face (which has muscles, too!) should be exercised, since all muscles in your body are designed to move for optimal health. Face yoga does just that. 

For those who would rather avoid invasive treatments like injections and lasers, facial exercises may be the best choice. You need to be consistent (don’t expect to have chiseled cheeks after just one session) when doing any exercise. Do you feel ready to workout? Check out these 10 exercises recommended by experts.

1. Eyebrow raiser

With the eyebrow raiser, you can perk up your eyebrows and keep them in place. Increasing age and constant wincing can cause your brows to droop, but with a few simple steps, you can get them to stay raised. Most women desire beautiful eyebrows, and this is how you can attain them.

  • Put your index and middle fingers together
  • Push the skin down with your fingers just above the brows
  • Adding tension with your fingers while raising and lowering your brows
  • Repeat for six sets, raising and dropping your eyebrows ten times each

2. Wink and Hold

Under-eye lines and wrinkles can be combatted using the wink and hold technique.

  • Since you only need to partially close your eyes, don’t worry if you can’t wink!
  • Hold your partial wink for one second.
  • You should contact all the muscles around the winking eye. Then, release slowly.
  • In a single set, repeat this 20-25 times. Do not overdo it, just one a day is enough.

3. Lifting of the cheekbones

That sharpness can cut through even the most awkward conversations! You can cut through even the most awkward conversations with that cheekbone sharpness! simple steps!

  • Put your index and middle fingers together and place them over each cheekbone.
  • You can tighten the skin by lifting it up gently.
  • You will feel resistance in your cheek muscles when you open your mouth to form an oval ‘O’.
  • For five seconds, hold the lift.
  • For defined cheekbones, repeat these steps for 10-15 sets.

4. Toning the eyes

Feeling self-conscious about your droopy eyelids, but don’t want botox treatments? We’ve got you covered. Additionally, it reduces crow’s feet, eye bags, and puffiness. To gently tone your eye area, follow these simple steps.

  • Place both of your index and middle fingers on your eyes in a ‘V’ formation. In the inner corner of the eyebrows, press both middle fingers together and hold them there. Use your index fingers to press on the outer edge of your eyebrows.
  • Make a strong squint while looking up at the ceiling and raising the lower eyelids.
  • Perform this move 

5. Cheek plumping

We can regain the youthful charm we had as teens with plump, supple skin! Raising the folds around your nose will plump up your skin. We suggest you do it alone since it involves a lot of grinning like a maniac!

  • Smiling widely is the best way to start. Using your fingertips, press down on the folds between your nose and lips.
  • Using your cheek muscles, lift them up and press down to create resistance. Be careful not to overstress your hand by keeping your fingertips firm.
  • Take well-spaced breaks every two to three minutes while doing this. Your cheeks will thank you for it!

6. Squeeze the cheeks

Selfies with duck faces are silly, but fish faces are gorgeous! It is the best way to sculpt your face in order to bring out your features. How to get a slimmer face without flabby cheeks!

  • Tilt your head as far back as possible. Do not strain your neck too much by pushing your chin forward.
  • Make a fish face by sucking your cheeks in and not biting your lips or tongue.
  • For each set, do ‘fish face’ for five seconds.

7. Fine-tuning forehead 

You’re wincing at your screen because you’re straining more than you need to? A single exercise can remove wrinkles from the forehead right away, which is one of the first places they appear. This exercise provides you with the advantage of being able to do it anywhere without making weird faces. Simply make a surprised face to perform this facial exercise. Your forehead can look smoother by acting surprised. You can do this 8-10 times in a day by keeping your forehead frozen and widening your eyes as much as possible.

8. Double chin workout

If you have a double chin in pictures, you can blame a muscle called platysma. The muscle that connects your jawline to your shoulders loosens over time, and this leads to sagging skin on the neck. Try these quick exercises to get them back in shape. Tone your neck, chin, and jaw area with these exercises:

  • Choose a position that is most comfortable for you, whether you are standing or sitting. Try tilting your head all the way to the back while looking up at the ceiling.
  • While holding your head still, touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue. The contraction of muscles should result in a slight prickly sensation in your neck.
  • Bring your chin back to its normal position by letting go slowly. The tongue hold should last about 25-30 seconds per set.

9. Facial yoga

Yoga for the face and neck works on firming the muscles of the face and neck. Blood circulation is improved as well as facial muscles are toned. Simple breathing exercises are all you need. Breathe in deeply and stay upright. Keep your cheeks inflated by puffing them out. Inhale and exhale 8-10 times.

10. Pufferfish Press

Nasolabial folds free of wrinkles

This facial exercise will help reduce the very un-funny appearance of laugh lines around your mouth. Here’s how:

  1. Make your cheeks puff up and close your mouth
  2. Air should be moved from one cheek to the other
  3. After 30 seconds, repeat.

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