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Indian needs to stop pollution to provide coronavirus relief

effect of air pollution on coronavirus

India’s pollution fears have returned as its air quality has deteriorated. We have been spreading pollution in the capital in the last two weeks.

As we know that India is fighting the coronavirus which is affected by air pollution. Air pollution is associated with higher cases of air pollution. The study shows that there is an increase in small pollutants in the air which has an 8% effect on deaths.

There is a connection between coronaviruses and long-term air pollutants that include nitrogen oxide and ground-level ozone from the burning of fossil fuels.

These air pollutants can cause many respiratory diseases such as difficulty in breathing, eye irritation, etc.

Delhi has an average of 180–300 micrograms per cubic in a few weeks. Which is about 123 times more than safe. Earlier this year, residents of Delhi were able to penetrate clean air for an almost complete lockdown period due to traffic and closed factories.

According to doctors and epidemiologists have warned that poisonous air will harm the fight against corona in India. India is the second-largest country in the world in terms of the number of cases and the third largest country cases of death in the world.

Experts say that these numbers are likely to increase due to deteriorating air quality. Delhi is the top city of coronaviruses and their pollution levels are being affected by pollution levels.

The condition of doctors is getting serious this winter. The weather of poor air quality in winter from October to February. Effect of Delhi due to burning in the stub.

The worst air quality would likely increase these numbers. The consequences are severe for the residents of Delhi. There is an urgent need to control air pollution in the areas worst hit by Covid-19. PM2.5 particles can enter the lungs and cause inflammation and damage.

According to the study of high pollution, the health status of patients worsens, with mortality, hypertension, coronary disease, and asthma. And it affected the human immune system of healthy people.

Pollution may also be responsible for spreading coronavirus. Nitrogen dioxide is found in air pollutants that make humans sick. We should try to keep this epidemic from going out.

According to doctors, in winter, Delhi has about 15,000 cases per day and it can increase with pollution. The situation in Delhi is catastrophic and pollution needs to be reduced immediately. The government needs to take steps to reduce air pollution, otherwise, winter will be dangerous for us.

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