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Rise of Online Gyms During Lockdown

Growth in the fitness Industry

Since the COVID 19 lockdown has started in India, the fitness industry has undergone a transformation. Even during severe conditions, working out becomes increasingly popular. Due to this, there has been a sudden growth in the fitness industry in India as most gyms and fitness centers have gone online during this tenure.

Online gyming and fitness domains are also coming up in a big way. Now gyms and fitness studios, even coaches and nutritionists, are easily accessible on people’s smartphones, forcing people to include fitness in their daily routines.

This year, the online fitness platforms are seeing a surge in the number of new users, as well as the number of time users, spend working out through their platforms. Cure Fit, a health and fitness firm that offers both digital and offline experiences for fitness, among other services, has seen an increase in the amount of time its users. The growth in the fitness industry is due to the necessity of remaining fit even as they stay at home.

Eminent people like the sports star Mary Kom empowers herself to continue their fitness journey and build immunity. The celebrity has a set of four-six videos of workout sessions. The introduction of online fitness websites and online gyms have ushered the growth in the fitness industry.

Similarly, companies like HealthifyMe has launched a set of artificial intelligence-driven, on-demand workouts for users. With the help of this technology, personalized workout routines and fitness videos are created based on customer interest. Such unique options have escalated the growth of the fitness industry.

With work-from-home becoming the norm and almost zero commutes, people now have more time at hand. Plus, with the pandemic scare, they have become a lot more conscious and they are in favour of social distancing. Hence this has attributed to the development and growth in the fitness industry.

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