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5 Tips for Mental Health and Well-being during Covid19

mental health well-being during covid19

Little had we known that scenarios like COVID-19 would prevail, we would have braced ourselves to our fullest capacity. Not just this pandemic has hit hard on the economy at a global level but has also given a huge challenge of balancing the mental health to humankind, giving us an option to come out either bitter or better and the choice is completely ours!

Maintaining social distancing and self-hygiene are the only options we have in the present fettle in trying to curb the COVID-19 menace which indeed is proving prolific. Some regions across the country have been given the govt’s nod to slowly bring life back to normalcy and after such a stringent lockdown, life seems to be coming back on track. Even if anytime soon we are able to move as per our will, the offices resume, and we hope in our favorite restaurants but when it comes to what we have seen at its worst, it will take a long time for our mental health to recuperate.

Regrettably, issues like mental health are something which is inescapable and one needs to make it their top priority before the situation slips out of hands, and as they say a stitch in time saves nine.

Paying attention to our physical and mental health should be our priority as that will pull us through the times to come sanely by Ms. Arouba Kabir, Mental Health Therapist, New Delhi.

Tips for Mental Health during Covid19:

Social Media Boundaries 

During situations like isolation, social media is the only option left with us to keep us entertained and at the same time getting information about the outside world but some miscreants do not make it happen as simple as it sounds. Social media, on one hand, is quite helpful in gathering the information but on the other hand, may have adverse effects on some people’s mental health. In the era where people are circulating fake and misleading news on social media, the sender might not get impacted but there are people out there who may end up losing their hopes on visualizing a better tomorrow. It’s my humble request to those on not to continue this trend.

Journaling/Writing down your thoughts

A serious impediment that will come in our way post the lockdown is to keep our mental health in check and it’s better if we start working towards it from today itself. I would recommend certain practices like meditation, writing a journal, and getting surrounded by people with positive thoughts that one can go for to keep their mental health in shape.

Need Compassion and kindness

What breaks me from within is the fact that even during these unprecedented times, some people are bringing up caste and religion-related issues to create a nuisance in the society but we should understand that this is not the right approach to fight this deadly disease that has claimed millions of lives so far.

Talking mental health should not be Stigma

Seeking mental health or openly asking for the same is still a taboo in our country as some people think that doing so will harm their image in society. Despite labeling these people in any manner, these should rather be encouraged to see a counselor and get a check-up if in case they are dealing with any of the problems. Expressing your emotions is important.

Realistic approach

Focus on things you can control rather than focus on things that are not in your control. Often in my sessions, I keep asking people to adopt a realistic approach towards life which I believe is the need of the hour as today’s generation especially the younger ones are slowly and gradually becoming the victims of bleak thoughts, overthinking, and anxiety. Your positive attitude towards life will become your biggest strength when facing difficult times like these.

Martin Luther once said “Everything that is done in the world is done by hope” and which I strongly believe in. If we are optimistic about how we perceive things then a lot can be achieved. A human mind is a fold of magic and it is up to people on how beautifully they unfold it as we are what we think and how we think.

It’s high time now that we start focusing on our mental health and getting ourselves enrolled in activities that could keep us away from distractions and negative environment. If you ever feel the need of consulting a mental therapist then make a move without hesitating and that’s where you will make a first step towards improving your mental well-being. There will be challenges ahead of you but once you gather the courage of surpassing them, everything will start falling into place. Take a leap of faith as the finest steel goes through the hottest fire.

Perhaps mental health in my sense is much more than being just depression-free, anxiety-free, or various psychological issues but to me, it is about having the utmost zest for living and seeking life out of moments.

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