Indian couple intimate photoshoots went viral!

Indian couple intimate photoshoots went viral!

An Indian couple (Lekshmi and Hrushi) post-wedding intimate Photoshoots. The shooting goes viral on the Internet. They were even trolled by many on social media. The couple went for an intimate photoshoot after their marriage. They chase each other in the tea estate and they are wrapped in a white silk comfort.

They decided to have this intimate photoshoot to make their wedding memorable.
These two had arranged for co-love marriages in South India.

Lekshmi and Hrushi post-wedding intimate photoshootThey introduce each other last year, later they dated each other and fell in love together!

The groom, who worked in the telecom company named Lekshmi, completed his education in electrical engineering. They had previously planned their grand wedding in April, but Corona pushed their marriage forward.

Short marriages were being allowed after the lockdown. Finally, without waiting, they got married in their hometown Kollam on 16 September. Their marriage was really fun and fun for them, their wedding was attended by their family and close friends.

The police allowed only 50 people as guests. So they decided to make AHD their memorable wedding, they repeat their photoshoot with intimate photoshoots in the world.

Pandemic has changed the plan

His photographer said that it only takes a few hours to complete his shoot. They only rest from the hotel room in the lush green tea estate. She(Hrushi) was also very excited about her photoshoot. This was part of their honeymoon. They got married and were freed.

Lekshmi and Hrushi post-wedding intimate photoshootEven they do not think it can cause problems for them.

The issues occurred when Akhil uploaded pics to Facebook. Trollers started trolling – pornographic, ugly, shameful pictures. Some people even said that this is pornography and that the picture is fit for a condom aid while Some people advised going to his room.

Lekshmi and Hrushi post-wedding intimate photoshootPeople started abusing the bride

Even they started calling him ugly. But the photos are really beautiful, amazing and we advised them to ignore the rude comments on them and enjoy their newly married life. They encounter those positive concepts and friends.

Lekshmi and Hrushi post-wedding intimate photoshootTrollers were not only limited to social media, they also confront their conservative realities and friends who did not allow intimate photoshoots.

Even his parents were shocked. And their relatives and friends start messaging him – why did they do? Have you lost your culture and ethics? Even the bride and Groom sent pictures of their family group.

Amy suggested him to remove photos from everywhere

But the couple decided that they would not remove their photos from anywhere.

If they delete their pictures it means that they did something wrong, but they really were not. They wore clothes underneath.

It is really hard to deal with them but now they used to face them how they work to fit in a society it is really hard for them. He did such a daring job! He deliberately did something new that could bring change into society.

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