Intimacy in India: How it is empowering women

Intimacy in India empowering women

The survey has been conducted with the women app users of the online platform which talks about how intimacy as a factor has started empowering women in India.

How Intimacy Empowering Women in India

1. Percentage of women looking for relationships online/dating apps

Working Professionals: 73%
Housewives: 24%
Students: 3%

On Gleeden the top 10 professions for women:

  • Housewife
  • Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Computer engineer
  • Artist
  • Administrative executive
  • Entrepreneur
  • Teacher
  • Accountant
  • Bank executive

2. Percentage of women ready to explore relationships after a complicated past

According to Gleeden’s community, 33% of Indian women who subscribed to the app declare having started online dating after the painful break-up of a complicated relationship. The reason why they chose Gleeden over other dating apps is because of the level of privacy and discretion the app offers, since they weren’t feeling ready to let their circles know they are dating again. On Gleeden they have the chance to do it discreetly.

3. Percentage of women taking the lead for Intimacy

According to a Gleeden survey, 54% of women feel comfortable to take the lead during intercourse. The percentage rises for women in their 40+(67%).

4. Serious vs Casual Dating stats 

The data vary depending on the gender of the subscriber. According to the “sought relationship type” preference checked in their profiles, men look mostly for “anything exciting” (89%) and for short-term relationships (75%), while women look mostly for “virtual companionship” (84%) and “long-term relationships (67%).

5. On an average a woman explores x no. of relationships before getting into commitments.

According to a survey conducted on Gleeden community, women engage in an average of 4 online conversations with the same amount of users before picking one to date. The length of the virtual interaction may vary but on average it lasts one month before attempting to know each other in real life.

6. Is Intimacy a parameter for getting into relationships

The answer may vary depending on the gender of the subscribers. According to a Gleeden survey, intimacy is paramount for 62% of men and 79% of women.

7. Percentage of women who want intimacy first and then sex

According to a Gleeden survey, 77% of women wish to build an intellectual connection before diving into the physical part of their dating.

8. Percentage of women who feel intimacy can keep the spark alive in marriage

According to a Gleeden survey intimacy is key for a successful marriage (93%): most of them are on Gleeden because they were never able to build it (27%) or because the time has eroded the one they had (72%) and now feel estranged from their spouses.

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