Key Things to Consider When Planning a Destination Wedding 

Planning a destination wedding

While planning a destination wedding of any size and type can be stressful, daunting, and overwhelming, it’s also a fun and memorable time and worth investing the energy into planning effectively. 

If you’re keen to get married with limited guests in attendance or simply want to say “I do” in a spot close to or at your honeymoon destination, you might be considering a destination wedding. 

If so, think about many different elements with care, just like you would for a wedding in your hometown, so the day works out just like you have always dreamed. Here are some key things to consider to help you and your guests enjoy your nuptials immensely.

Know Your Budget

The first step is determining your budget, as this will dictate what type of locations to consider for your big day. When you’re having a destination wedding, more costs can be involved than in your local area, particularly with the travel to consider. The sooner you come up with a final amount you feel comfortable allocating toward your wedding, the more directed your location search can be. 

Take the final figure you have in mind and work back from there to see what you can allocate to various elements of your wedding, such as the venue, accommodation, food and drink, clothing, decorations, flowers, etc. It’s worth asking resorts or other broad-ranging accommodation or venue options about what types of packages they offer, as these can provide an excellent way to save some money and some organizing hassle of dealing with lots of different vendors. 

Many places have packages that include the food, drinks, flowers, celebrant, décor, audio and visual components, and room hire for a lower price than you’d pay to arrange each element separately. 

Ensure You Have Legal Elements Sorted Out

While you have to get paperwork arranged when you wed, no matter where you do it, when you decide on a destination exchange of vows, it can be a little more complicated. You’ll need to determine what’s required to get a license to get married where you’re considering having your nuptials. 

Hiring an officiant won’t be enough, and you may need to jump through more hoops to ensure your marriage is legally binding or potentially head to your local court or another place to do the legal part of the wedding when you return from your wedding party and honeymoon. Different countries and states can have different requirements regarding certification and licensing, so do your research before you head off for your special trip. 

Submit paperwork in the necessary timeframes and take documents with you, too, such as your birth and medical certificates, proof of residency, letters of intent, passport, etc. These days you may also require proof of COVID-19 vaccinations or other vaccines, too. 

Make a List of the Venue Features You’re After

Another factor to consider is the various features you’re after in the location and venue you pick. As you search through options, knowing what is a “must” can help you narrow down places to a shorter list. For instance, if you really want to get married on a beach, you know not to look at land-locked places, or if you’re keen to watch a stunning light and sound display at your wedding, you’ll choose a spot where it’s legal and convenient to buy and use artillery shells fireworks and other related products. 

You might be looking for a place to wed where it’s warm no matter the time of year, where service is renowned, or where alcohol is legal and freely available, too. Or, consider features such as on-site accommodation, a local airport, and where safety and security aren’t too much of a concern. You may want to utilize a wedding planner or other specific services and thus need to see if vendors will also be available for hire. 

Choose Based on Other Practicalities

There are other practicalities to consider, too. For instance, as you look for the right location for a destination wedding, think about how long it will take for you and your guests to travel there and how accessible different places might be. Decide if you want to get married in the same area as where you plan to honeymoon, and if you’re keen on lots of privacy and thus want a place where you can book out a whole island or resort or otherwise keep to yourselves. 

Other tips are to think about the vibe you’d like to create for your wedding (cultural, laid-back, beachy, historic, geeky, natural, etc.), and how far in advance you need to book locations. Ensure you give guests plenty of notice with early invitations since it’s even harder for people to attend when travel is involved. 

Consider all these factors when planning your wedding, and you’ll find it easier for the process to go smoothly and with fewer headaches along the way. 

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