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Cruise Company Offering Full Refund If Your Ship Disappears In Bermuda Triangle

Cruise company offering full refund on Bermuda Triangle trip

If you’re thinking about booking a cruise, but don’t want to risk your life or the lack of setting being accurate and go with a company that’s renowned for giving refunds in case anything goes wrong, cruise company Peak Experience is offering to provide a full refund of an alternate experience if your ship sinks mysteriously in Bermuda Triangle.

What exactly is the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle also known as Devil’s Triangle is an area in the Atlantic Ocean that has been the subject of many reported cases of disappearances and strange accidents. The area is named after the three islands that form its borders – Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Santa Cruz.

Despite its name, the Bermuda Triangle is not a triangle at all – it’s actually an elongated region with a width of about 160 miles and a length of about 240 miles. The area is relatively narrow compared to other areas in the ocean – about 10 miles wide at its widest point. This narrow shape is thought to be what Causes so many reported incidents in the triangle. What are some of the Reported cases in the Bermuda Triangle?

The most famous case in the Bermuda Triangle is the disappearance of Malaysia Air Flight 370. On March 8, 2014, the flight disappeared while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. Parts of the plane were found scattered across an enormous area – an area that is much too large for any natural disaster to have caused.

Investigators believe that something went wrong with the plane and that everyone on board was killed. In addition, there have been many other reported incidents in the Bermuda Triangle – including a plane that crashed into a 15-foot.

What is at stake if your ship disappears in the Bermuda Triangle?

For generations, sailors have been warned about the dangers of sailing in the Bermuda Triangle. This area of the ocean is notorious for its mysterious disappearances of ships and crew, and many people believe that it is cursed.

One cruise company “Ancient Mysteries Cruise” is offering full refunds to passengers if their ship disappears in the Bermuda Triangle. According to reports, this company has been offering refunds for years, and they say that it is because they want to avoid any possible risk. However, some experts are skeptical about this theory, and they believe that the company is trying to create a scare campaign.

Regardless of the true cause, it is important to know what could happen if your ship disappears in the Bermuda Triangle. Here are five possible scenarios:

1. Your ship could be lost without any trace. Even if your crew are saved, your ship may never be found and may remain lost forever.

2. Your ship could become trapped in a dangerous storm or debris field.

3. Your ship could run aground on an unknown island or reef, resulting in disaster for all onboard.

4. Your crew may be lost without a trace, leaving you stranded on an uninhabitable island.

How dangerous is it to sail near Bermuda?

If you’re planning to sail near Bermuda, beware of the dangerous waters. A recent cruise company offering a full refund if their ship disappears in the Bermuda Triangle has many people concerned.

Since the Bermuda Triangle was first documented in the 1600s, sailors have been reporting strange disappearances in the area. Some say the Triangle is where ships and planes mysteriously vanish without a trace, while others claim it’s just an area of thick fog. Despite all the rumors, no one knows for sure how dangerous it is to sail near Bermuda.

There are several factors that could make sailing in the Triangle risky: its dense fog, deceptive currents, and powerful storms. The Triangle’s often-thick fog can make it difficult to see more than a few yards in front of you, and can trap ships in its malicious grips. The currents can be just as deadly, pulling ships away from safety even if they’re not caught in the fog. And finally, there are known storm areas in the Triangle that can produce high winds and waves. Any of these hazards could lead to a ship or plane vanishing without a trace.

Who is to blame if you happen to disappear near Bermuda?

The answer is a miscommunication between the cruise company and your travel agent. If you book your cruise through an online travel agency, then it is supposedly the vacationer’s responsibility to contact their travel agent should they experience any difficulties during their vacation. It sounds like something you might want to bear in mind before arriving on shore in a foreign country.

The ocean can be a treacherous place, but that doesn’t mean the cruise lines aren’t at least partially responsible for your safety when traveling through the Bermuda Triangle. As Consumer Reports puts it, there are many factors that go into making a perfect cruise that unfortunately don’t always include unforeseen events like stranded passengers or disappearances. The Bermuda Triangle has been blamed for cases of helicopter crashes, boat wrecks, and even plane crashes – so it’s no wonder people are scared of entering this area.

According to CBS News Traveler magazine, “the most common problem reported is problems with communication between passengers and crew.” Basically, when something goes wrong on a cruise – whether it’s a malfunctioning machine or someone forgetting to unlock a cabin door – it’s up to the individual passenger to reach out to their travel agent or Cruise Line

If your cruise ship disappears in the Bermuda Triangle, don’t panic. Cruise companies are offering 100% return guarantee or full refunds if this happens. “The passengers have to shell out 1450 Euro for a cabin on the ship for the eccentric offer”, source ANI.


If you’re headed to the Bermuda Triangle this summer and your cruise ship disappears, don’t fret — there’s a company that’s willing to give you a full refund. Cousin Cruises is offering a 100% refund on all bookings if any member of your party is unable to reach their destination during or after the voyage. The safety of your party is top priority for Cousin Cruises, so don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions about this policy.

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