Indian railway starts biometric machine, easy to get seat in General Coches

biometric machine in Indian train

Regardless of the government’s efforts, the train journey of lower-class people is not easy. Traveling on a train for low-grade people is like a war. If we talk of general coaches, then getting the seat is like winning the battle. But now it is going to be easy to get seats in general coaches too. Because Indian Railways is planning to introduce Biometric Systems in the train. Using biometric machines, the general public can easily get the seat.

It will be like the first come first serve basis, which will come first and punch the machine before the seat will be reserved.

For the first time in the Pushpak Express, biometric machines were introduced and tested, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal runs from Mumbai to Lucknow. Now the government is planning to introduce this biometric machine across India.

This biometric system has been successfully created and supervised in the presence of Railway Minister Piyush Goyal. Once this system is set up in trains across India, it will not only help the public but also help in theft and crime in the train.

When the passengers arrive at the station, they will have to go through a biometric machine with a fingerprint, once they enter their fingerprints the seat will be reserved. When they reach the train again, they have to verify their fingerprints to get into the train.

This process will maintain passenger’s data, face recognition, thumb mark, etc. and also reduce theft and crime. Apart from this, people can easily take advantage of seats without any hassle.

It will also help in reducing the crowd because the biometric machine will allow only a limited number of people, the number of seats in the coach is available.

After a historic victory, the Modi government is taking big steps day after day. But this move of the government is commendable. This step will not only help the public but also help in theft and crime in the day-to-day running of the train.

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