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Indian travel and tourism industry

The year 2020 was a full of epidemic year, every region is affected by the coronavirus. As a results of this, Indian travel and tourism industry is badly affected, not only India whereas the whole world is suffering from this pandemic. And, travel and tourism is one of most affected industry in this pandemic. Because there was a travel ban in the year 2020, even domestic and international flights are banned for the security purpose of the country.

As a result of this, India accounts for 75% less tourists in 2020 compared to 2019. According to the Tourism Minister of India, Prahlad Patel said that less than 3 million foreign tourists arrived in India alone in 2020, whereas, 10.93 million tourists visited India in 2019 and it was 10.56 million in 2018.

According to the Tourism Minister of India, foreign tourists were only 2.68 million in 2020.

Even for tourism, it is not only the loss of industry stakeholders but there was a large loss of income.

MDA provides financial supports to stakeholders

This year was extremely difficult for the country, even the country’s economy was affected badly. Market Development Assistance (MDA) in particular to provide financial support to stakeholders to promote domestic tourism. Hence, MDA has modified it guidelines to expand the scope and reach of the scheme. This will provide maximum benefit to the stakeholders of the tourism industry.

Promotional activities will increase

Promotional activities like online promotions, banner advertisements, etc. will be increased to attract the customers in order to grow the Indian travel and tourism industry.

Tourism department will be eligible for support

The Tourism Department of India will be eligible to receive financial assistance from the government as per the plan.

Tourism industry play a vital role for the growth in country’s GDP. Foreign tourism is essential for each country because the number of tourists come to explore the country, hence, a massive amount of foreign funds come which not only contribute to country’s GDP but also help in increasing a country currency value. This is a good point for the tourism industry.

The more tourists will come, the more revenue tourism industry will receive.

India is a country to find that there is a lot of diversity in architecture and uniqueness.
The country has something that will never be found anywhere else. Therefore, it is a believe that Indian travel and tourism industry will soon regain its position where it will be in 2019 and recover it losses by the 2024.

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