Recovering from a Car Accident – Both Physically and Emotionally

Recovery from car accident

Car accidents are a sadly common occurrence on UK roads, with nearly 120,000 road casualties reported in 2020-21 alone. Suffering a car accident can result in upheaval of your personal life, with regard to your physical health and mental state both. Knowing how best to recover after a car accident can dramatically improve your rate of recovery, and reduce your stress levels at the same time; to that end, the following are some key ways you can guide your recovery process.

Keep Up with Physical Therapy

In the aftermath of a car accident, one of your first steps will be to get a check-up from your doctor. After this check-up, you will receive advice on how best to encourage the best possible recovery from any injuries incurred, including suggestions on stretches and exercises you can do to rehabilitate your body. You may even be recommended physical therapy as part of your recovery program, which should be followed as well as possible. If you are given the all-clear but still feel a little out-of-sorts, arranging a private visit to a chiropractor can help with any cricks or niggling joint pains after an incident.

Intake and Rest

Car accidents constitute a significant shock to the body, and looking after your body after such a shock comprises much more than the physical therapy or exercise you may have been recommended. Ensuring your body is getting what it needs in the form of food, drink and rest can give you the best possible chance at a speedy recovery; make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, and eating nutritious foodstuffs with a high vitamin content. Sleep is an intrinsic part of the healing process as well, helping mitigate your body’s stress response as well as healing your muscles.

Seek Mental Health Assistance

Many of the side-effects of suffering a car accident can be invisible; the mental aspects of recovery from an accident can be significant, and ought to be treated with as much care and attention as any physical injury sustained. It is common to experience stress or withdrawal in the weeks following an accident, for which conversation with a close friend or relative can be beneficial – but in more severe cases this stress can give way to PTSD, which can have a serious effect on quality-of-life if left unchecked. Either way, make sure to reach out to a mental health professional, and know that you are not alone.

Claims and Compensation

Granted, entering into legal discussion over the car accident you suffered might not be conducive to the most efficient recovery from your injury, but opening up a personal injury claim using a specialist solicitor could see you receiving compensation for the pain you’ve suffered, both mentally and physically. The money alone won’t undo these injuries, but it can be incredibly useful for getting you back on your feet, and even go towards some treatments that may not have previously been affordable to you.

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