What Is The Average Cost To Clean A Hoarder House?

clean a Hoarder house

Hoarding can take many different forms. However, it usually involves a driving desire to save items in excess. The term “hoarding” refers to the process of saving stuff in an obsessive manner that affects the daily life of family and friends. In some cases, hoarder house can become unlivable due to cluttered objects. 

After living with a hoarder for years, many family members take steps to have their loved ones forced out from their own homes. This is where the services of a professional hoarding cleanup service can be vital. Cleaning services can often spot the causes of hoarding. They can also give support for the change of the hoarder into a new living style. 

What Causes Hoarding?

Hoarding is often related to anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem, and mental issues. People who hoard often gather unwanted items and objects in their homes and workplaces. They may also be confused by the large volume of what things they have saved.

The cost of cleaning up a hoarding environment can range from $0.75 to $2 per square foot. The more severe the mess, the more expensive it will be. Thus, the less risk to an individual’s well-being enables a cheaper scope of work. When seeking quotes for cleaning a hoarder house, consider the following traits

Elements That Can Increase Hoarding Cleanup Prices

A hoarding cleanup service will give a complete survey of the situation. They will make a plan for cleaning the living space. In many cases, such cleanups can take several weeks. It even forces the property owner to move out for the time being.

The average cost to clean a hoarder house varies widely depending on several factors. The primary ones include:

The Scope And Size Of The Task

In many situations, a hoarder house contains a mix of waste. A professional cleaning service can help make a detailed plan for stopping the problem. In some cases, when hoarding is left in a wild state, they may need more time and effort. Hence, the cost per hour is higher than usual.

The Difficulty Of The Task

Some hoarder’s homes may have delicate items that must be handled with care. Professional cleanup services will give protective clothing, coverings, and equipment needed to take delicate items with care. As a result, it will increase your overall cost.

The Type Of House

The scope of work needed to clean a hoarder house depends on the layout of the living space itself. Hoarding cleanup services will advise on proper cleaning tricks for each part of each room in a home. If a home is damaged, many will suggest taking the necessary steps to restore the property to safe and good living conditions before beginning the work.

Hazardous And Unsafe Materials

Professional cleanup services will sometimes advise about unsafe items in the home. They will let owners know if medicines or chemicals are present and any related problems during cleaning activities that may arise. As a result, it will increase your cleanup cost since it is dangerous to deal with such substances.

How to clean a hoarder house

Materials Available

Professionals will advise on the materials to clean a hoarder house. These include cleaning chemicals and environment-friendly products. Some services may perform some cleanup work themselves, while others may hire a team of experts to oversee a project. As a result, your overall cost will increase.

The Condition Of The Items

Professionals will advise which items in the hoarded house should be included in the cleaning process. It depends upon the size of the item since it is difficult to handle large items. Consequently, it will increase your overall cost.

Dumpster Rentals

In some cases, the service will rent a dumpster for the cleanup activities. And the homeowner is charged for the additional cost of the rental.

Location And Distance Of The Property

Some companies have to travel long distances to reach the location, if a hoarder’s home is located in a rural or undeveloped area. Hence, they may charge an additional fee for travel time and gas.

Clutter Storage

At the end of the cleanup process, some firms will store clutter in their facilities. They will charge you extra for this service. 

How Will A Professional Company Help You?

When dealing with an extreme hoarding situation, families can benefit from the support and advice of a professional firm. Cleanup services will enter the property and assess the situation before giving family members a detailed cost estimate for their services. 

The cost of hoarding cleanup will vary depending on the severity and location of the hoarding. The price of cleanup may even vary from home to home. According to some reports, people with chronic hoarding problems can spend $10,000 or more per year on storage units and may spend more than $1 million during their lifetime. 

Cleaning up the hoard can cost you from a few thousand dollars to over a hundred thousand dollars, depending on the condition and size of the property. It is also important to keep in mind that most insurance companies don’t cover hoarder damages because they generally do not acknowledge hoarding as a mental illness or disease.

After the cleanup, some firms may offer follow-up support to help family members as well as give follow-up care for their loved one’s new home.

Hoarder House Cleaning Service


The hoarding cleanup cost depends on the set situation and any additional demands that arise during the cleaning process. It’s important to call people with experience and create a plan for dealing with each room of the house in an orderly manner. A good hoarding cleanup service will help you during and support you in managing possessions after cleaning is complete.

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