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Indian economy is expected to grow by the second half of the year

Future of Indian economy post Covid19

The future of Indian economy is bright. India expects its economy to recover and will perform better in the second half of the year. The Indian economy will perform better this year predicted by the economic experts.

The expectation was basically based on the approval of two vaccines for coronavirus that will provide a V-shaped recovery to the Indian economy. The improvement in high-frequency indicators ignites optimism of the better performance of the Indian economy in the second half of the year. Implementation of vaccination in the Indian economy globally will gain momentum soon.

Economy is expected to grow after post-vaccination

The economy will be expected to grow after vaccination. It will certainly work well for the Indian economy to recover from the epidemic. According to the government, the economy will start growing after the post-vaccination period.

The vaccine is approved for emergency use

The two vaccines covishield and covaxin have been approved for emergency use in India. Those coronavirus vaccines have successfully performed their trials operations in India which are now ready for the emergency use. The government also working on its distribution throughout the India. A vaccination process will start soon in India. And, the vaccination will provided first to health workers, coronavirus patients, old-age persons, working employees and the patients with critical major dieses.

Coronavirus vaccine provide real-time information

The Coronavirus vaccine intelligence network system will provide real-time information about vaccine stocks, vaccine storage temperatures, etc.

India has prepared a blueprint

India has already prepared a vaccination plan with a plan to vaccinate 300 million health workers, over 50 years of age and under 50 years of age.

The Coronavirus Vaccine Network System is a digitalization platform. This will provide accurate information on vaccines, storage temperatures, etc.

India’s cold chain system has been successfully upgraded-Future of Indian economy

The Indian cold chain system has been successfully upgraded which will ensure last-mile delivery of vaccines. Vaccination distribution spread over 125 states with the help of a cold chain system. But the rules that are being imposed for the coronavirus will not be changed at all.

Future of Indian economy is bright

The future of Indian economy is bright, the country’s GDP is expected to grow from June. Major economic indicators such as industrial production, development in other sectors would be expected to grow by the second half of the year. There are other financial sectors which are stuck due to coronavirus that are expected to be grow after the post-vaccination. Therefore, the future of Indian economy is bright.

Coal, electricity, fertilizer production increased positively-Future of Indian economy

In November 2020, coal production, power generation, fertilizer production grew by 2.9%, 2.2%, 1.6% positively. Production of steel was high. This gives a positive effect of the production of steel production.

Commercial and industrial activity in December 2020 also saw a 5.2% increase in its manufacturing, electricity demand. Improvement in electronic bill generated, toll collection is also 15 lakh crores, and highway toll collection is worth 74.31 crores.

The PMI expansion remained stable at 56.4 in December 2020 and 56.3 in November. According to the government, the monthly GST collection was 1.15 lakh crore. The revenue of the railway also continued.

Cargo, Port increased by 2.8%. Digital payments continue to grow. 2.9% growth in agriculture. Growth is also in tractor sales, live storage 122%.

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