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Is coronavirus affecting your college placement? Ground Report

coronavirus impact on college placement

As the coronavirus cases are increasing day by day in large numbers, All sectors have affected from this virus. In this situation when the colleges are closed, you might be thinking that how is the college placement happening?

Are colleges offering placements to students or not?

But it’s not like that you will be surprised to know the fact that mass placements are being done for college students all over the country.

College placements are beating the blues of the epidemic

By the way, placement is going on for college students. Larger companies are hiring undergraduates from colleges.

-X.xavier’s college in Mumbai stated that he got the biggest salary of 30 lakhs per year.

Last year, placements in the same collage were 1.5 million per year, but college placements doubled in this year.

But the college did not reveal the company’s name. The placement in Chennai College was offered to Loyola College for up to 10.5 Lakh per annum.

Shri Ram College of Commerce in Delhi offered 25 lakhs per annum in placements by American Financial Services.

 A college in Bengaluru offered 1.5 million per year by a Belgian multinational company.

Epidemic rarely has any effect on college placement

According to placement officials and students, the coronavirus did not or hardly affected their placements in this year.

Financial and consumer goods companies are hiring large numbers of people this year.

Even college placement received the highest salary ever.

As the financial company is offering them a job with a higher salary.

In this epidemic time everything is most affected by the coronavirus.

But the college appointments were not affected by it. The placement process continues with this epidemic.

Students’ intake by companies is largely driven by consultancy firms, financial services companies, consumer goods companies.

However, in this negative state of pandemic, it is the only positive thing in the whole country.

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