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Top 10 Richest City in India

Richest City in India

A big accomplishment for the Indian economy was revealed by the office of India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on June 12, 2023. Wondering about the richest city in India? In 2023, India’s GDP reportedly achieved the astonishing total of $3.75 trillion, moving the country up to the fifth-largest economy in the world from tenth place. This accomplishment shows how far India has come in its quest to overtake China as the third-largest economy by 2047.

India’s economic growth is predicted by the World Bank for the upcoming years. The third-largest economy in Asia is anticipated to experience very minor effects from the global slowdown, but the bank anticipates a slight reduction in growth. India’s GDP is predicted to increase by 6.9 percent in fiscal year 2022–2023 (FY23), and then by 6.6 percent in FY24.

India holds a commanding position on the world stage with a nominal GDP that places it as the third-largest economy in the world by purchasing power parity (PPP) and the fifth-largest country overall by nominal GDP. Notably, its GDP, which is currently valued at $3,737 billion, is below only that of the United States, China, and Germany. In this article, we will discuss about the top 10 richest city in India.

List of Top 10 Richest City in India

India stands out in the vast world of international economies due to its astounding rise and unwavering ambition. With a population of more than 1.4 billion people and a rich cultural heritage, India has solidly cemented its position as a powerful economic force. Its ongoing demonstration of strength on the international scene further solidifies its status as a financial powerhouse. In this article, we will discuss about the top 10 richest city in India in detail.

1. Mumbai

Richest City in India | 1. Mumbai
  • India’s commercial, fashion, and entertainment hub is Mumbai. India’s largest economy is in Mumbai.
  • Mumbai’s GDP (PPP) per capita comes to about $23,000 in US dollars.
  • Mumbai As of 2021, the nominal GDP of Metro is anticipated to be $277.980 billion USD.
  • As of 2021, the GDP (PPP) of Mumbai is anticipated to be $606.625 billion.
  • In 1950, Mumbai had a population of 3,088,811. The current projection for Mumbai’s population in 2023 is 21,296,516.
  • Mumbai’s population increased by 335,044 during the course of the previous year, or 1.6% annually.
  • The richest city in India and the twelfth richest city overall is Mumbai.
  • Mumbai is estimated to have a net worth of $1 trillion USD. 48 billionaires and 46,000 millionaires respectively reside in Mumbai.

2. Delhi

Richest City in India | 2. Delhi
  • The 13th largest economy is of Delhi in the India’s union territories and states.
  • The National Capital Region’s (NCR) nominal GSDP was assessed at 272.603 trillion.
  • The National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi’s nominal gross domestic product (GSDP) was anticipated at 10.83 lakh crore (US$140 billion) for 2022–2023 with an annual growth rate of 8.1%.
  • In 2014–15, the growth rate was 9.2%. Delhi is also the 2nd richest city in India.
  • The current projection for Delhi’s population in 2023 is 32,941,308. There were 1,369,369 people living in Delhi in 1950.
  • Delhi’s population increased by 875,548 during the course of the previous year, or 2.73% annually.
  • The secondary sector provided 12% of Delhi’s GSDP in 2020–21, the primary sector 3%, and the tertiary sector 85%.
  • The Northern India’s biggest commercial hub is in Delhi.

3. Kolkata

Richest City in India | 3. Kolkata
  • The principal financial, commercial, and business centre of eastern India is Kolkata, which also acts as the principal port of entry for the states of North East India.
  • With a GDP (PPP) of $150.1 billion, Kolkata is the third richest city in India, behind Mumbai and Delhi.
  • The projected population of Kolkata in 2023 is 15,332,793.
  • 4,604,143 people called Kolkata home in 1950.
  • The population of Kolkata increased by 198,905 in the previous year, or 1.31% annually.
  • The Calcutta Stock Exchange, India’s first stock exchange, is based in Kolkata.
  • Kolkata is home to a vast number of industrial facilities run by both governmental and private sector organisations.
  • Steel, heavy engineering, mining, minerals, cement, pharmaceuticals, food processing, agriculture, electronics, textiles, and jute are a few of the major industries in Kolkata.

4. Bangalore

Richest City in India | 4. Bangalore
  • Over 43.65% of the economy of the State of Karnataka comes from Bengaluru.
  • 98% of the state’s software exports come from Bengaluru. It is the 4th richest city in India.
  • The projected population of Bangalore in 2023 is 13,607,800.
  • 745,999 people called Bangalore home in 1950.
  • Bangalore’s population has increased by 3.14% annually.
  • The development of information technology (IT) in India has been fueled by the establishment and success of high technology companies in Bangalore.
  • Around 1.5 million people were employe by IT companies in Bengaluru’s ITES/BPM and IT sectors as of 2020.
  • Bangalore’s metro GDP (PPP) is project to be over US$110 billion. Bangalore’s Metro GDP (PPP) Per Capita is roughly $25,461 USD.

5. Chennai

5. Chennai
  • The greatest industrial and commercial hub of South India is located in Chennai, the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
  • According to recent estimates, Chennai’s economy has a PPP GDP that fluctuates from US$78.6 billion to US$86 billion.
  • Nearby industrial zones like Oragadam, Siruseri, Sriperumbudur, etc. are not include in the GCC area.
  • The projected population for Chennai in 2023 is 11,776,147.
  • There were 1,491,293 people living in Chennai in 1950.
  • The population of Chennai increased by 272,854 in the previous year, or 2.37% annually.
  • The economy of Chennai Metropolitan is expect to be approximately $200 billion once the Government of Tamil Nadu expands the city’s metropolitan region in 2022.
  • Chennai is known to be the 5th richest city in India.

6. Hyderabad

6. Hyderabad
  • Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, has a tourism-, knowledge-, and traditional manufacturing-based economy.
  • The city’s economic structure changed in the 1990s from being predominantly a service centre to one that is more diversified.
  • However, the service industry continues to make a sizable contribution.
  • The projected population of Hyderabad in 2023 is 10,801,163.
  • There were 1,096,320 people living in Hyderabad in 1950.
  • The population of Hyderabad increased by 266,745 in the previous year, or 2.53% annually.
  • With 113,000 and 85,000 employees, respectively, the governments of India and Andhra Pradesh are the main employers in Hyderabad as of 2006.
  • Hyderabad is the 6th richest city in India.

7. Pune

7. Pune
  • Pune, formerly known as Poona, is a city found in the Maharashtra state’s Deccan plateau in Western India.
  • It acts as both the administrative centre and divisional headquarters for the Pune district.
  • The Pune Metropolitan Region includes Pune. It is the 7th richest city in India.
  • The projected population for Pune in 2023 is 7,166,374. 580,848 people called Pune home in 1950.
  • Pune’s population increased by 179,297 during the course of the previous year, or 2.57% annually.
  • One of India’s top IT centers, Pune, is famous.
  • It is also acknowledge as the nation’s major center for the manufacturing and car industries.
  • Pune has repeatedly been recognize as “the most liveable city in India.”

8. Ahmedabad

8. Ahmedabad
  • Second only to Mumbai, Ahmedabad is regard as the industrial hub of western India.
  • The Ahmedabad metro area’s gross domestic product (GDP) was project to reach US$110 billion in 2021.
  • The largest contributor to Gujarat state’s GDP is Ahmedabad. It is the 8th richest city in India.
  • One of Ahmedabad’s oldest sectors, the textile and apparel sector are project to be worth $80 billion out of the city’s $227 billion.
  • The projected population of Ahmedabad in 2023 is 8,650,605 people.
  • 854,959 people called Ahmedabad home in 1950.
  • The population of Ahmedabad increased by 200,377 in the previous year, or 2.37% annually.
  • Denim is mostly supply by Ahmedabad, which is also a significant producer of gems and jewelery.

9. Surat

9. Surat
  • In the fiscal year 2016, Surat, which is rank ninth in India, had a GDP of 2.60 lakh crore ($40 billion in 2016).
  • The City Mayors Foundation, a global think tank on urban issues, predicts that Surat’s GDP would be over $57 billion in 2020.
  • The projected population of Surat in 2023 is 8,064,949.
  • There were 233,565 people living in Surat in 1950.
  • The population of Surat increased by 280,673 in the previous year, or 3.61% annually.
  • The cutting and polishing of diamonds take place mostly in Surat.
  • In the late 1950s, Surat and Navasari saw the emergence of Gujarat’s first diamond workshops.
  • Surat is the 9th richest city in India.

10. Visakhapatnam

10. Visakhapatnam
  • The largest city in the Andhra Pradesh state is Visakhapatnam.
  • It is rank as the tenth richest city in India and has a $43.5 billion GDP.
  • There will be 2,330,928 people living in Visakhapatnam in 2023.
  • There were 104,989 people living in Visakhapatnam in 1950.
  • 53,058 more people lived in Visakhapatnam during the course of the previous year, or a 2.33% increase.
  • The fishing sector, accessibility by road and rail, and major industries like Hindustan Petroleum, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, Hindustan Shipyard, Visakhapatnam Port Trust, and National Thermal Power are some of the city’s main economic drivers.
  • 55% of Visakhapatnam’s total GDP is contribute by the service sector, 35% by industry, and 10% by agriculture and related industries.
  • Visakhapatnam is known to be the 10th richest city in India.


In conclusion, India is the location of a number of affluent and prosperous cities. Based on several metrics including GDP, per capita income, and overall economic growth, India’s top 10 richest cities have led the country’s fast urbanization and development. These cities have drawn large investments in addition to offering their citizens more work options and a greater level of living. We hope this article on top 10 richest city in India is useful for you!

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