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Slow pace for business hotels in India

business hotels in india

According to data from metro cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, there has been a weekly decline of 12%.

The recovery of business class hotels in India is completely depend on big companies which are not travelling due to pandemic – Companies have completely avoided physical meetings and preferred to continue working from home.

The pandemic is spreading fast all over the world so big companies and people are preferring to work more from their homes.

The epidemic has extremely affected business class hotels as no business meetings are held there till now. Social aggregation is avoided and is also restricted to security measures, more preferred by companies for not conducting any business trips, any business meetings in hotels.

Business hotels in metro cities are badly affected. Even these hotels suffer from a phase of loss. In metro cities, data is dropped for the first time according to, Commercial hotels are badly affected due to the epidemic. Even the rate of night bookings has fallen by about 58% in November and 51% in December.

This recovery is extremely slow for business hotels so far.

Even the cost of four and five-star hotels are now available for just under Rs 4500 and sometimes less than Rs 2500.

Although these are not four and five-star hotel prices, they are badly affected by the epidemic, they are dropping their prices, but still, people are not expected to come to the hotel.

Business hotels are struggling

Business hotels are struggling to avoid due to non-organized corporate meetings even at low prices. Experts believe that the situation will remain the same for the next six months. Even corporate companies are still preferring to work from home only for security measures and do not want to reopen their office.

Indian hotel companies are negatively affected

Indian hotels were negatively affected and recovery is very slow especially for the business hotels. The hotels are still bearing loss as no corporate meetings are conducted till now. The hotel is extremely affected due to the pandemic as no business meetings are conducted. Only small weddings, functions, staycations are the source of earning for these hotels now.

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