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The potential benefits of India overtaking China as the most populous nation

most populous nation

On the surface, India’s overtaking China as the world’s most populous nation seems like a positive development.

Another impressive statistic about India is the 40% of its young population. If and when we become the world’s No. 1 economy and actualise the aspirations of 1.4 billion Indians, these numbers and milestones will become meaningful. What are we going to do? How can we utilize our massive population to our advantage? Hope isn’t a strategy.

Leaders across the spectrum, in government, in businesses, and in other institutions and organizations, are responsible for providing Indians with enough opportunities for growth and success.

It is not enough to hope that India will become a golden land that readily fulfills the aspirations of its people. Just hoping is not a strategy – we need to explore how we can accomplish these goals.

Benefits of becoming a most populous nation

There are many benefits of becoming India is most populous nation, here are five key strategies we should focus on to turn 1.4 billion aspirations into a strategic advantage for India.

1. Success or failure at a single point

India’s 1.4 billion aspirations can be turned into a strategic advantage if its education system is revamped. It is imperative to produce employable and educated youth with entrepreneurial skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. It is not enough to churn out super-achievers at a few elite schools; we need to focus on government schools that serve 50% of India’s children.

It is also imperative that the top of the pyramid leads and owns value creation in order to become globally competitive. The single factor determining India’s success or failure is whether it provides quality education to all children, regardless of whether they attend government or private schools, so that they can create and own the next generation of technology and brands, making it the world’s most developed nation.

Our education system can be enhanced by empowering our teachers at all levels, despite initiatives like FLN (Foundational Learning and Numeracy) and bringing global universities to India. If we fail to empower our teachers, all other efforts will be futile. By providing them with the best resources, including technology tools and freedom from other duties, they will be able to focus on their primary duty of teaching.

2. Bloom 100 towns

Our second action plan is to revamp 100 towns into smart towns with cutting-edge facilities. Mankind’s ambition is contingent upon its environment. A single impeccable highway, building, or business may be all that it takes to ignite the passion of countless people to strive for even greater accomplishments. Each of the 100 locations should focus on honing one particular skill and become the pinnacle of that craft. The history behind Detroit and its ascension as the Motor City can be looked to as a template for our own cities’ potential success.

The town-specific certifications for the skills should be challenging and prestigious to attain, the latest technology and machines should be brought in, and adequate funding should be provided to start-ups – in other words, artificially create the conditions that will create in India a hundred Detroit’s with different skills.

3. First and foremost, health

As a third strategy, I suggest upgrading our health infrastructure urgently to improve quality of life. Aspirations can be extinguished by a lack of medical facilities and ill health. It’s common for families in our country to go into debt because of medical treatment expenses. The importance of a healthy workforce is just as great as having plenty.

4. The lateral industries

As a fourth point, India must take advantage of global trends in various sectors by thinking globally and acting locally. It is true that the IT industry has grown rapidly in this regard, but the global market also offers opportunities for growth in other areas such as shipbuilding, medical tourism, education campuses, fundamental research, drug discovery, and electronic manufacturing. It is possible for India to achieve global recognition and develop competitive advantages by identifying and investing in such sectors.

5. Increase thae value

We need to shift from a services mindset to a product mindset as a country, which is closely related to my fifth and last strategy. Our earnings may be a few dollars, but if we own the product, we will be able to earn more, not to mention our position on the global stage will be better.

Investing in India’s youth and potential should be the responsibility of successful entrepreneurs. In order to increase skill-based jobs in India, we must not only make the nation rich, but also ensure that its citizens’ aspirations are turned into a strategic advantage. Only then will our numbers speak!

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