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UP government cuts excise duty to increase beer sales

beer industry India overview

Indian state governments have come up with new norms of excise policies. The objective of the State Government to recover loss of revenue due to Covid-19. The excise duty cuts will definitely have a positive impact on India’s beer industry which was badly hit last year.

Beer Industry in India is Growing 50%

The beer industry is growing at 50% in some parts of India, as price accessibility for its buyers has improved due to frequent changes in its structure.

The north and south parts of India are expected to recover by 2019 due to low rates of coronavirus infection and favorable tax climate for beer.

The cost of beer for a 500ml strong beer has reduced 70% of the total beer volume in the state of Utah.

Earlier the price was Rs 130 for 500 ml, now the price is Rs 110.

Even the state did not propose any increase for license renewal of retail outlets.

Beer sales have improved

Sales are increasing quarterly.

The state has better abandon the Corona cess.

There has also been an increase in excise duty for Indian-made foreign liquor in Rajasthan. This is also one of the reasons for the promotion of liquor in the state.

Delhi has also reduced the age limit for obtaining and consuming alcohol.

Uttar Pradesh comes with a bar permit. It will also help residents to stock more liters of beer in their homes.

Every state has to update the excise norms

Well, each state has to update its state’s excise norms.

The government is expected to promote the sale of liquor.

The cut in excise duty for beer in certain parts of India will definitely boost beer sales and consumption. And it will have a positive effect on him.

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