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Canada banned single-use of plastic from 2021

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Canada is going to ban the single-use of plastic in late 2021. Their target plastic items are six-pack rings, target stir sticks, cutlery, and food ware items as all of these items are really hard to recycle. It is planned to eliminate plastic waste by 2030.

This is due to saving their environment just for the climate change agenda. The announcement was made Wednesday by the Canadian environment minister. Because recycling of plastic waste requires a lot of energy, which is not so good.

Canadian Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson said that we cannot lead the world in this situation. Many countries like the United States, including Europe, are already following the path they have learned from these countries.

According to reports, three million tonnes of plastic waste is dumped every year in Canada with 15 billion bags, and 57 million straws recycled only 9% of the items annually.
Wilkinson aims to increase it to 90% with European targets for 2029. Six plastic items will be permanently banned as there are already cheaper alternatives.

There are so many things that they need to continue to use the same that we are able to reuse these goods so that they are able to be kept in the country and which do not cause any problems for the environment.

Plastic cups are seen everywhere such as coffee cups, so they need to be worked on. He also proposed the need for materials in products and hoped to invite better product design to promote recycling and limit the life of plastic materials.

This includes the minimum requirement of recycled materials in new producers and vendors to collect and recycled plastic waste. So with the ban on plastics, there will be more to live in Canada, this step would be a very good step to save our environment.

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