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Why should killing nature be a crime?

ecocide criminalised human activity

According to the European Union – destroying nature is a crime. Vanuatu is a small island in the South Pacific that rises above sea level day by day! It is caused by climate change. This happens due to increasing temperature.

There are various reasons for climate change – the burning of fossil fuels, burning of plastic, use of vehicles, pollution, etc. The smaller islands are longer and stronger, the slower their release. It takes time to change the law. An amendment is already a change.
It is time to change the law, it is time to save our environment. The law is being established in an international criminal court.

Saving the environment is a serious concern. Killing our environment is an idea that is inevitable. No one has the right to destroy our nature, it is destroying our natural world!
Many campaigners believe that people should be punished for destroying nature. It is a crime against nature. It is a crime against humanity and living beings.

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International courts already go on trial for environmental crime. By the way, every country has its own rules and laws protecting its environment. It is important that global legislation is made for the environment.

Paris Agreement on Climate Change where countries set their own rules and emissions to reduce environmental damage. Rome Statute of the international criminal court of environmental destruction law is liable and arrest and imprisonment.

Helps create cultural shifts

Legislation to protect our environment is helpful for cultural change. It is also an act of harm to nature. If there is some crime it will be under the red line. Without any permission from the government for anything in relation to nature such as drilling for oil etc. No one has the right to kill nature like people, it is a crime against nature.

Must be willing to take time seriously on nature

As such, crime should be considered a serious loss to nature. As oil spills, deep-sea mining occurs, animal coagulation, sand extraction cause mass loss. Ecocide is widespread damage to this extent that disturbs the peaceful environment of natural habitat that harms our environment.

Ecocide is now being discussed by parliament and leaders worldwide

More than 99% of French people were chosen by citizens to guide the country’s climate policy. Ecocide is one crime against nature. Europe and Belgium have introduced the Ecocide legislation.

Francis also called for ecology as a crime by international law. According to the 2016 paper policy on case selection, the courts’ inclination to prosecute illegal crime related to natural resource damage land grabbing, and environmental damage was highlighted.

This is in a way a major and important step towards the crime of genocide under international law. It is important to think about our mother earth not to do harm. There is still a long time to go before the ecology as a crime.

International Law on Ecocide would be difficult from a legal standpoint which lawyers
It would not ensure that there were sufficient grounds for prosecution. There are various difficulties for campaigners to prevent ecocide.

Ecocide has already proved that it is a powerful idea, it has created a concept that is often lost in discussion policy and technology. Humans are suffering worldwide due to the burning of forests and the rising of the sea. Criminalization of the ecocide is a way to call time on the destruction of the Earth’s ecosystem who live on them.

Go green! Save the earth.

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