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Why there is no bridge on Amazon River?

no bridge on Amazon river

You must have heard about the Amazon Rainforest and you also know that this forest has the world’s longest river which names the Amazon River. And, You must be surprised to know that there is no bridge on this river till now.

Now the question is, why there is no bridge over the Amazon river?

Let’s understand the all possible reasons why bridge is not possible on Amazon river:

Geographical areas around the Amazon River

We all know that Amazon river started flows from South America which very long river and its water-flow is the the highest in the world as compared to other rivers.

And, the river goes from many countries such as Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador. The length of the Amazon river is 64000 km and this river is the second longest river in the world.

This river situated in Amazon rainforest that’s why it is also known as Amazon River. The water flow of the amazon river is approx 2,90,000 m3.

Amazon river discharges approx 2,00,000 tons of water in Atlantic Ocean every second this make this river one the biggest river in the world.

The water way of the amazon river is the world’s longest water way in the world. The total length of the water way is 6992 km. There are around 1100 helping rivers connected with the Amazon River, out of them 12 rivers are more than 1500 kilometre long. And, the riverside of the amazon river is the world’s biggest rainforest. The total area of this amazon rainforest is 70,000,00 m2.

This rainforest gives 20% of world’s oxygen to the earth and more than 400 species has been living in this rainforest and some tribal community people are also living there. Some of these communities are not connected with outside of the world.

Employment generated by this river

The river also provide employment to those who lives aside of the river. This river helps to people in many ways like fishing, provide wood, tourism and agricultural and provide employment in many ways.

Total Population living aside of river

There are around 3 crores population living aside of the amazon river. When that much population is living aside of the river than we should think about the development of these areas.

Benefits of the Bridge over the river

The water flow of the amazon river is very fast which travels around 1.5 meter in every hour. During the flood the water flows of the river become rise and the waves become more dangerous.

People faces more difficulties in these days because of no bridge or connected area nearby the river. Today’s technology is very fast and smart even we can make bridge on sea too but still no bridge over Amazon River.

The Amazon rainforest is the biggest in the world which is more than 5 crores year old. The world’s 20% of clean water or drinking water has come from the amazon river.

Nine countries are connected with amazon rainforest. If the bridge will have made than these countries are able to connected with each others.

But still, there is no bride over the amazon river, why?

Reasons, Why there is no bridge over Amazon River?

Other than the benefits of bridge, there are many reasons Why it should not have bridge over Amazon river? Let’s understand:

  • During the normal weather when the width of the river is not so much big, bridge can easily be made but in rainy season the 3 miles crossing change into 30 miles.
  • During rainy season almost each river size is affected but in amazon river we cannot even think which area of the river will become rise or sink due to heavy rain. Due to this reason the main problem arise that why bridge is not possible over this river. Because if bridge will be made than the both corners of the river will sink and there will be no benefit of the bridge.
  • The soil which found around lake of the river is too soft and due to heavy flow of the river it increase and reduce sometime. If the bridge will be made on this soil, it can flow with the river that might be a danger for people.
  • There are man water and vegetation islands are found in the Amazon river which can be affected by the people if bridge will made.
  • The another reason for no bridge over the river is because the population is too less and roads have seen are very few.
  • People who lives here the river is the way for them like they use boats to go one place to another and the boat also provide employment to them if bridge has been made then this employment will be affected.
  • In 2010, a bridge has been made on one of its helping river negro which is 2 miles longship and connected with two states of Brazil. This bridge was made their life easier but according to an environmental research if more bridges will made then more population will be engaged with amazon river which is another problem for our nature.
  • If bridges will made population will rise which increase the deforestation. Tourism will also destroy the natural beauty by throwing garbage which makes the amazon river polluted.

Final Verdicts

Amazon rain forest gives 20% fresh oxygen to the earth which is also called the lungs of the earth. This river also gives 20% drinking water to world. That’s the reason If the bridge will made trees will be destroyed which will reduce the oxygen level and the clean water will also be polluted. In order to maintain the cleanliness of the river and natural beauty of the Amazon rain forest; it is good to not to make the bridge over the river.

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