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Coronavirus vaccines progress fastly worldwide

coronavirus vaccine process worldwide

Coronavirus vaccine doses worldwide exceed 300 million.There are many differences in the phase of progress in different states and countries around the world.

Safe delivery of vaccine supplements

Well, countries have distributed doses to a large part of their population.

Some countries are waiting for vaccines to arrive.

The total number of coronavirus doses vaccinated is around 305,285,044 worldwide.

Scale vaccination program

By the way, the Coronavirus vaccination program is the largest scale vaccination program in history.

They aim to get every adult vaccinated.

The united states and china have managed the highest doses of 90 million and 52 million.

The United States has also vaccinated over 23 million.

And other European countries around have started vaccination campaigns.

Many countries depend on covaxin.

The WHO is trying to ensure that all people around the world get vaccinated.

However, covaxin plans to deliver about two billion vaccines at the end of the year.

Which vaccine are used by most people in the country?

Covaxin is largely distributed vaccine in the world. America is widely dependent on Oxford vaccine. The vaccines produced by Pfizer and Biotech are also approved by the WHO.

There are many other vaccines available and approved by the WHO.

All vaccines are used by many countries and many vaccines have been approved for use.

The government started to vaccinate with these people first

The government has started to vaccinate to these people first – senior citizens above 60 years of age, health workers, and employees working in hospitals or any organisation.

Countries such as Israel and the united states already indicate that vaccination is helpful for community transmission and reduces mortality.

Even more than, 200 vaccine candidates worldwide are undergoing for trials to test their safety and effectiveness.

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