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Earth is still not out of Covid; One person dying every 44 seconds: WHO Chief

one person dying every 44 seconds due to covid

With one person dying every 44 seconds on Earth, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the earth is still not out of the covid despite declining cases.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General, said that this virus will not just fade away.

“The decline in reported cases and deaths is continuing. But there is no guarantee trends will persist.” In his latest remarks, the WHO’s Director General said this

In his weekly briefing, Tedros said that one person dying with Covid-19 every 44 seconds last week.

Emphasizing that the pandemic is not over, he stated his belief that this virus will not just fade away.

WHO will publish a set of six policy briefs in the near future detailing actions that all governments can take to reduce the spread and save lives.

The briefs will focus on the essential elements of clinical trials, patient management, and vaccination, infection prevention and control, risk communication and community engagement. Lastly, there will be guidelines for managing the infodemic as well.

“We hope countries will use these briefs to reassess and rejig their policies to protect those most at risk, treat those who need it, and save lives. The pandemic is always evolving, and so must the response,” said the WHO boss.

On monkeypox, “we are continuing to see a downward trend in Europe.”, he said.

There are some indications that the cases in America may be declining. While it would be hard to conclusively say it’s decreased in the future also, Ghebreyesus said they were still reporting a decline in incidents last week.

The World Health Organization reports that at least 52,997 people have been infected with the monkeypox virus.

The United States and the European Union are the two top sources of cases registered in this time period.

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