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India becomes the most coronovirus infected country after America

total number of coronavirus cases in India

The number of coronavirus cases in India cross more than 1 Crore. India became the second most affected country of Coronavirus after the US. The coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world.

The number of Cases in India increased from 90 lakh to 1 crore in 29 days – about 10 lakh cases in one month.

However, in the last 1 month, the coronavirus has been spreading slowly. Even the death toll has been falling from the past month.

Total number of coronavirus cases in India

The total number of coronavirus cases in India as of Friday was 1,00,04,893. The United States has recorded 17 million cases so far. Brazil ranks third with over 71 lakh cases and the country has registered more new cases than India.

India is the second worst-hit country in the world

India is the second epidemic affected country in the world. An average death in India is 104 per million which is second-lowest among the 20-worst hit countries in the world. Indonesia currently ranks 20th with a low mortality rate 71 per million.

South states have the largest decline in the number of cases

The total number of fresh cases has been declining for the past few weeks. The number of new cases is decreasing in the states of Mumbai as well as the south. Southern states accounted for 37% of the total cases in India which is now left on 27% of cases.

India comes at second number under 10 worst-hit countries in the world. It is the second-worst epidemic country in the world as the number of new cases is rising day by day.

According to a current survey

According to the countrywide serological survey, it is unlikely that the number of cases will be high enough to kick herd immunity. But still, everyone should be more careful about their security measures. Try to protect yourself from getting infected. There is no solution till now for coronavirus only our safety can prevent us from getting infected by the coronavirus.

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